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Zoologist Job Description

Charlie S
Zoology is an interesting field to work in. If you love animals, are curious about them, then this job is for you. It offers many roles and you can also earn a descent salary.
A career in the field of zoology would be ideal for those, who love animals, are interested in knowing more about them, are fond of conservation of the wildlife and of conducting research.
By studying zoology, you can learn about the evolution of various animal species, reproduction, behavioral traits, migration habits, general characteristics, preferred food and habitat, genetic factors, anatomy, and their structure.

The Job Description

The job of a zoologist involves working in zoos as managers or administrators and taking all possible care of the animals kept in the zoo. Those who work as managers or curators answer the questions put forth by the visitors.
Taking care of food and recreational needs of animals and bringing new animals to the zoo are their tasks. They classify animals into categories based on their appearance, habitat, eating habits; and study how the animals interact with each other.
Apart from jobs in the zoo, they study the diseases the animals in the zoo may suffer from. They work in labs and use the method of dissection to study the dead animals in detail. They can also work as technicians in the laboratories, where research is conducted on various aspects of animals.
Laboratory technicians aid the research professionals in laboratories and to preserve important data of animals. They also visit different sites and collect samples, which are taken to the laboratories for further research.
In private companies, zoologists provide correct and creative suggestions, and advice about wildlife developmental projects. They can study further and become full-time researchers.
They also have the option of entering the teaching profession. There are many people working as professors in reputed schools, colleges, and universities. Working in museums too, can be an exciting career option.
You can make a good career in this field by getting a bachelor's degree. However, this degree might give you just entry-level jobs in the market. The people with master's and doctorate in this field are much in demand. You can ensure a good place for yourself in this field by getting the master's and PhD degrees from reputed universities.

Salary Details

The salary is largely dependent on the educational qualification and the work experience that you have. The location of the job can also be a determining factor. As in most of the other fields, the salary for the master's and doctorate holders is more than that earned by bachelor's degree holders.
Professionals working in research and development areas can earn handsome pay in this field. According to Bureau of Labor Statistic, the lowest salary earned by zoologists in May 2017 was USD 39,620 per year and the median wage in the same period was $62,290 annually.
The top ten percent people working in this field earned around USD 82,864 annually. However, it should be noted that the salary differs widely according to the organization viz., private companies, Federal institutions, state government institutions, colleges, universities, etc.