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Zoologist Education Requirements

Charlie S
This write-up aims at presenting education requirements, along with the job profile of zoologists. Scales of remuneration paid to these professionals are also discussed.
Zoology, as we all know, is an interesting branch of biology which includes detailed research and study of animals. Different aspects of animal species, such as their eating habits, habitat, behavior, and general characteristics are carefully studied by zoologists.
They either work in laboratories or are engaged in outside jobs or field work, where they visit forests to observe animals in their natural habitat. Conducting analytical research and experimental tests is also a part of their job.

Educational Requirements to Become a Zoologist

  • The primary requirements include a graduation degree in zoology.
  • Get this degree from a reputed, accredited institute with a good placement record.
  • If you end your education after a bachelor's degree, the chances of advancing in this field will be limited.
  • Ergo, opting for a master's degree and going for a doctorate in the same field is a good option.
  • Along with college education, an internship will help you to get some practical experience in the field.
  • The certification received after completing the internship successfully will help you to get an edge over other candidates in the job market.
  • Certifications in areas such as embryology or genetics can help you improve your career prospects greatly.

Different Careers for Zoologists

  • After completing education, zoologists can land up with good jobs in zoos, as well as museums.
  • Here, they can get jobs of administrators or curators, depending on their interest and abilities.
  • Becoming a teacher or a professor in leading colleges, high schools, and universities is also one of the options.
  • Teachers are paid well and have job security, apart from other facilities and perks.
  • As a zoology teacher, you can get scholarships for further research in the subject, if you clear the associated exams.
  • To become a research fellow, you will require a few years of practical experience in the field.
  • You are also eligible for job profiles like biological laboratory technician, animal behaviorist or an animal rehabilitator after completing your education in this interesting subject.

Pay Scales

The salaries for zoologists will largely depend on their educational qualifications, job location, years of experience, skills and institute they have passed out from. Zoologists with more than eight years of experience have the highest pay scales. Even people engaged in teaching can command a good salary.
Zoologists can earn between USD 30,000 to USD 87,000 per year. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, top paying states for this job profile are - 
  • District of Columbia - USD 111,000
  • Maryland - USD 99,800
  • Massachusetts - USD 85,180
  • Rhode Island - USD 84,250
  • Connecticut - USD 81,480
If you have passion for your chosen field and are ready to work hard consistently, then landing up with a decent salary will not be difficult.