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X-ray Technician Job Description

Charlie S
What do X-ray technicians do? How much do they earn? Are these the questions for which you need a precise answer? If yes, read on to know the answers.
The duty of X-ray technicians is to get useful diagnostic information which can help doctors decide further treatment for patients. These medical professionals can get the opportunity of working in hospital chains and also in clinics of doctors and health care centers.
With consistent and fast growth in the health care sector, salaries of X-ray technicians have been on a rise. According to job market experts, these salaries can rise considerably if these professionals deliver quality services and acquire new skills. The job of an X-ray technician is one of the best hospital jobs for those really interested in this career.

Duties of X-ray Technicians

X-ray technicians do the important task of loading, developing and fixing X-ray films. They closely work with doctors ad nurses and assist in providing proper care to the patients. The job of an X-ray technician also involves taking care and maintaining the costly equipment used for taking X-rays.
These professionals need to know how to use the latest and technologically advanced X-ray equipment to detect diseases and disorders in different parts of the body of the patients.
Apart from the basic lab duties, they also make arrangements by allotting time for patients to visit the X-ray center. They also keep a record of patients who have used the X-ray facility and preserve them for reference.
Nowadays, the number of X-ray technicians working on high-end and advanced equipment such as computerized tomography (CT) has greatly increased due to the need for such devices for accurate diagnosis.

Salaries for X-ray Technicians

The salary range largely depends on their number of years of practical experience, type of employer, location of job and educational qualifications and skills. X-ray technicians working in large hospitals in urban areas are bound to earn more than those working for smaller hospitals in the outskirts of the city.
Having said this, the cost of living in the metropolitan cities is also high. Many times, they are paid on an hourly basis. In the health care field, these technicians can earn around $16.85 - $28.31 per hour. The salaries for limited scope X-ray technicians can be in the range of $15.13 - $25.56 per hour.
Technicians who have completed specialized courses and studies from renowned institutes can expect a better starting salary than their counterparts in this field. The X-ray technician job description and salary details depict that this is an exciting field to make a successful career. So, make the most of this opportunity and secure your future.