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Writing Can Become a Piece of Cake If You Dare!

This story is about writing the 6 different pieces of content that include web content writing, article writing, press release writing, animated video script writing, blog writing, and rewriting.
Ibrahim Saleem
Are you a novice blogger? Writing becomes a child's play if you dare. Yes, writing is not that hard as it sounds to myriads of people.
If you follow several tips for writing the different pieces of content, then writing does not remain a daunting task anymore. Mentioned next are tips for a freelance content writer for writing different pieces of content:
A Few Tips for Writing Web Content

1. Use only 1 H1 on a single web page.
2. Keep keyword density (1-3)% for weak competition and (4-5)% for strong competition. 
A Few Tips for Writing an Article

 1. Keep the article around 600 words.
2. Keep keyword density around 2%.
A Few Tips for Writing a Press Release

 1. Create an engaging headline.
2. End your press release by providing your contact infromation at the end.
A Few Tips for Writing an Animated Video Script

   1. Create a plot before you create the script.
 2. Make a catchy CTA (Call To Action) at the end.
A Few Tips for Writing a Blog Post

 1. Remain informal throughout the post.
  2. Use keywords only if they are necessary.
A Few Tips for Writing a Rewrite   

1. Try paraphrasing the sentences.
2. Use synonyms in rewrites for the similar words.

What have you realized thus far? Do you believe now: Writing is a child's play for darers?

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