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Benefits of Working from Home as a Medical Biller

Parashar Joshi
Medical billing is one of the hottest options available for those on the lookout for work-from-home jobs. It offers good financial returns and can be looked upon as a long-term career prospect. Take a look at it as a bankable home employment option.
Thanks to the increasing number of layoffs that have happened in the recent times, people from all over the world are becoming more and more insecure about their jobs. In such times, having a secondary and dependable source of income assumes tremendous importance.
Naturally, the pendulum has swung considerably in favor of work-from-home, i.e., home-based jobs. One such job that is fast rising in terms of popularity among the masses is medical billing.
This is nothing but the process of submitting a patient's billing claims to his respective health insurance company, for the sole purpose of receiving payments and reimbursements.
Doctors and other healthcare professionals hire or tie up with certified medical billing personnel for this very purpose. With the healthcare industry witnessing tremendous growth in the past few years, it has suddenly emerged as a sunrise industry with a bright future.


One of the main reasons many people are taking up this kind of job is work flexibility. Medical billing can be pursued as an on-site job or as a home-based work option. The latter is popular lately, and analysts predict that the trend will continue well into next decade.
If you aspire to become a medical biller who works from home, you can expect the following activities to be part of your work:
  • Enter the patient's details into the billing software in an accurate and organized manner.
  • Double-check these details with those that have been provided by the doctor and the medical transcriptionist.
  • Send the billing claims to the relevant insurance company.
  • Maintain a follow-up on the claim application to ensure timely payments, and report all the updates to the concerned doctor, physician, or other health care professional.
  • Work at your own pace, yet meet the client's deadlines.


Flexible Work Hours

Being a work-from-home business, you can work on your own terms as per your convenience. Taking into consideration your daily routine and household chores, you can decide your own work hours and work schedule accordingly.

More Family Time

Since you're free from the rigid and long work hours that are associated with a typical on-site job, you invariably have more time to spend with your family and friends. You can socialize more, and can achieve a much better work-life balance.

You Decide How Much You Earn

Since you're no longer strapped to a typical fixed-salary job, you are free to decide your own income. Medical billers earn their income both on an hourly basis, as well as on a contractual basis. Hourly payments can range from USD 12 to USD 20, whereas those working on a project-to-project basis can earn much more through lump-sum payments.

Huge Growth Potential

Most medical billers start off by working in association with a single doctor or healthcare provider. As you gain experience and sharpen your working skills, you can work simultaneously with multiple healthcare professionals from all over the world via the Internet.

How to Begin?

Well, pursuing this vocation is not too difficult. Initially, you would have to undergo a basic training program in medical billing and coding. Several online training programs are available for this purpose, many of which provide job assistance upon successful completion.
It is safe to say that, among the numerous work-from-home options available today, this industry is surely one of the best ones to watch out for.