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Winter Jobs for Kids

Neha Joshi
Want to earn a little this winter, while on your break from school? Read about a few jobs for kids and check them out.
Parents and kids know so many jobs to undertake for kids during winter, but when it comes to take one up, they just can't decide which one to finalize. For this very reason, read on to know everything about winter jobs for kids.
Here are 5 jobs that kids can take up individually or simultaneously with another job. Even college students and adults can try their hands at these.

5 Jobs for Your Kids in Winter

Hobby Classes

It's probably snowing outside and there isn't anything you can do about it. At such times, hobby classes can work wonders and help you earn some money. Make a list of hobbies that you can teach and start planning. Also, hobby classes don't necessarily mean that you have to teach a hobby. If you can, nothing like it.
You can read a famous novel one day, see a famous movie the next day, and discuss these one day. Reading together is one of the best hobbies you can target.

Writing Jobs

There are many creative writing jobs on the Internet that pay well. Data entry jobs are also an option. You can find something that matches your skill set. Ask your parents to verify the authenticity of the website and make sure you're legally allowed to work.

Plan the Party

Planning and helping around parties can pay you really well too. It's winter and people are home if not on a vacation somewhere. If they are home, there are bound to be a lot of parties. You have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve parties as your best bet.
You can form a small group and give yourselves a name. Party planners are crazily sought after, if they're available in cheap. Advertise and market yourselves in time. Planning the party is as good as being a part of it and partying yourself!

Carve Some Crafts

Making crafts and selling them at local stores is a good idea as well. It is more of a business than a job. With so many festivals, there are a lot of winter crafts that you can make at home and sell at affordable prices.
Advertise in local newspapers or keep a 'homemade crafts to sell' exhibition, to market these craft pieces better. Try to make crafts that have some utility, so the probability of them being purchased is higher.

Search the Store

There is a lot of rush in stores during winters as it is the time for shopping. People shop for Christmas and most sales take place at the same time. At such times, the stores require extra staff to handle this increase in customers.
If you're of a working age, then working at a store can be one of the best winter jobs that you can get your hands on. You can inquire in a few stores and shops in your neighborhood and search for vacancies on the Internet and newspapers.
Providing help in libraries, service stations, and farms are few more options. Last but not the least, remember, a good job should not only pay you well, but also give you some great experience.