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Why I Want to be a Teacher

Kundan Pandey
Before you plunge in to make this highly esteemed profession as your career, you have think hard and ensure that your decision is not just temporary. In this post, we have discussed the same issue.
Since the inception of human civilization, the tradition and culture of sharing knowledge to the younger generation has been an integral part of the lifestyle. Teachers have been revered with gratitude and have always been considered to be contributors in the development of society.
As the wheels of time have progressed, teaching jobs have become a recognized profession, thanks to the awareness about importance of literacy and education in the world. In the US, career opportunities in this field have shown an unprecedented growth as skilled teachers are now in demand.

Dive Deep into Your Inner Desire

Think about the teachers you were associated with, during your kindergarten classes, grade 6th schooling and at high school. Weren't they all, in some way, an inspiration for you? So the basic question you've to ask yourself is, do you want to help students achieve their full potential? Do you wish to be an element of change for the increasing chaos and unrest among the younger generation? Good qualities of the teacher tend to reflect in the students.

Right Sets of Skills

The next step is to do a practical analysis of your educational qualification and academics. It is one of the responsibilities of a teacher, that he must take efforts to make the students understand the subject in detail and with clear explanations.
So if you're in college and love to study a subject in detail or happen to be a research-oriented person, then you can surely think of pursuing a career in teaching. Nowadays, the requirements for becoming a teacher for kindergarten, elementary school, and college level have changed in more ways than one.
A master's degree in the respective field along with passing various exams as well as some research courses are generally expected from aspirants who wish to become a teacher.

Financial Benefits!

While choosing any career, salary is definitely a crucial parameter. With work experience and focus, you can be assured of an excellent career.
The salary range for teachers in elementary and middle schools, on an average is USD 58,000 and increases with work experience. If you are placed in a good school that has better infrastructure and funding, you may enjoy other perks and insurance claims.
Not many jobs give you the scope for comfortable working hours and a relaxed environment to work with the bright, young brains of the nation. Isn't it a joy, more than one can ask for? Having said that I would also like to add that the challenges of managing a whole bunch of naughty students is definitely not easy, but then it is a part of the profession.
If you've grown up dreaming to be a teacher, then without any hesitation, you should go for this career. In the words of Cicero, "What nobler employment, or more valuable to the state, than that of the man who instructs the rising generation." All the best!!