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Reasons Why You Should Become a Nurse

Charlie S
Succeeding in the field of nursing is possible only if one is ambitious and has set the goals. Read on to know why many people these days consider the option of entering this field.
Nursing has become a very coveted and attractive career option due to the fast and organized growth of the health care sector. With an increase in the number of hospitals, the demand for nurses, with different specializations is increasing at a rapid pace.
However, those who wish to enter it should be prepared to work for long hours, and with complete dedication and devotion. Why is it an attractive career option? Let's find out.

Job Satisfaction

The best thing about becoming a nurse is the emotional satisfaction, which one can get after serving ill people. These professionals interact with different people every day, and every day is a new learning experience.
They can learn many values with the different experiences at their workplace. However, this aspect of job satisfaction depends on whether the individual is really fond of his job or not.

Job Security

The ups and downs in the financial markets seldom have an effect on such jobs. Due to the changes in the lifestyles and environmental factors, the number of people with various health-related problems is increasing and hence, hospitals always find the need of hiring experienced and talented nurses.
Apart from the job security, the opportunities of advancement in hospitals are plenty. A nurse can attain the senior positions with sufficient years of experience.


Nurses with different specializations get the opportunities to work in different situations and face new challenges every day. This helps them to develop qualities such as the presence of mind, patience, self-confidence, and hard work. This profession can help in honing the communication, as well as interpersonal skills of an individual.

Attractive Salary Packages

An attractive salary, along with the perks and special facilities are also the reasons for becoming a nurse. Though they might start off with a salary of around USD 38,000 per year initially, this amount increases at a fast pace.
Those who have completed their graduation from reputed nursing schools can expect a much better package. The median salary is around USD 63,000 per year as per several surveys. With around two to four years of experience, it is possible for them to earn between USD 44,000 and USD 77,000 per year.
The salaries are expected to be in the range of USD 104,000 and USD 113,000 per year in the next five years. Those with more than ten years of experience earn in excess of USD 93,000 per year. The pay scales for the ones in metropolitan cities are much more attractive than that earned by those in rural areas.
Thus, all in all, this field has attracted many aspirants in the past and is continuing to do so, with its aforementioned favorable aspects.