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White-collar Jobs

Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
White-collar jobs were mostly associated with clerical occupations. This story enlists some of the best white-collar jobs.
Over the last few decades, dress codes have changed significantly; yet, there are several jobs, that are known by their traditional uniforms. In the earlier era, the uniforms that were worn by people indicated the jobs and activities they performed. There are workers who work manually and wear blue uniforms, and so, they are known as the blue-collar workers.
On the other hand, white-collar jobs are those which are associated with managerial, sales, or clerical occupations. Traditionally the dress code for such people is a white shirt and a tie, thus the name.

An Introduction

  • In the past, clerical jobs were one of the most common white-collar jobs.
  • A white-collared job holder may be a person who works on an hourly basis, just like a blue-collared worker or may be salaried, but the basic difference lies in the responsibilities.
  • As such, the number of hours worked by a blue-collared worker is significantly lower as compared to a white-collared worker. And, as far as the remuneration is concerned, the latter earns comparatively more.
  • Some of the most common examples include those related to sales, accounting, customer service, computer, and advertising.
  • People opting for such jobs are career professionals and have a high level of training and education.

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List of White-collar Jobs

National Sales Manager

With an annual salary in the range of USD 58,000 to 174,000 a year depending on your experience, the national sales manager is responsible for managing and directing the sales force of a company. Moreover, he or she is responsible for analyzing and reviewing the sales performance of the people who work under him or her.
In addition, the person is also responsible for recommending and designing marketing programs, besides determining the number of people required for carrying out a particular task.

Accounting Director

An accounts director in the banking sector is another profile which you can choose. Of course, you would need a few years of experience, but the salary in the range of USD 139,000 to 174,000 a year makes it a lucrative option. The person is responsible for directing and planning the accounts of the organization he is working in.
He is the one who takes care of maintaining the integrity of the finances of an organization, besides producing the financial reports for the organization. He also supervises financial transaction carried out by the organization, besides making recommendations on changes and product lines of an organization.


The controller is an advisory position, and he is responsible for advising the chief financial officer. He advises the CFO on matters related to budget control, planning and financial analysis.
Moreover, he also advises on the ways and means for the organization to generate profits from its assets. He plays a key role in developing long-term financial goals along with the CFO. The average salary range of a controller is similar to that of an accounting director.

Information Security Director

Information security director works in the manufacturing sector and is responsible for protecting confidential information and making sure whether people comply with the policies of the company.
He plans and implements measures against theft of secure data, besides providing a vision of developing a support and security system. The annual salary of an information security director is around USD 160,000, but that varies as per your experience.

Operations Director

With a pay range of USD 155,000 to 202,000 a year depending on your experience, the director of operation in the banking industry is one of the white-collar jobs which most people look for. The person is responsible for directing and managing the technical support, customer service, facilities, logistics and operations of an organization.

Finance Director

Along with the accounting director, the finance director is responsible for preparing the financial reports of the company. The financial report summarizes the financial position of a company and as such the position is of high significance.
He is also responsible for overseeing the budget, audit, and accounting departments of a company, and the person is paid in the range of USD 150,000 to 222,000 depending on your experience.
Today, with the advancement of technology, the number of white-collar jobs are increasing and providing educated people a chance of earning a decent living. The aforementioned jobs were only a few of a list of white-collar jobs, and there are several more of them.