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Which Career is Right for Me

Ujwal Deshmukh
As as freshman, one does wonder which career is the perfect one and an extensive analysis of the pros and cons does go on for a long time in our minds until we decide where to stop and what to achieve.
Selecting a career and further career development goals form an important part in everyone's life and therefore, choosing the right career becomes equally important. But many people spend their lives running behind things which are not meant for them, or in which they are not interested, but are doing it just to earn a living.
What you would like your career to give you―happiness, satisfaction, success, security, excitement, time for family and friends and of course the financial benefits. Well, these are the basic factors that one expects out of a career. You can decide the order of these factors according to your own demands and expectations.
Choosing a career is very important for everyone. This is because if you have a definite path to follow in life, it will be helpful for personal goal setting. With your goals set, you can start working in a definite direction and succeed in life.
Now, you might say, "Come to the point. I know all this! Just tell me, which career is right for me?" An interesting fact is that all the above mentioned facts themselves are going to form the base of your career development and also help you to select your career.

Selecting a Career

Determine Your Interests

This is our first point of discussion, because what interests you is more important that anything else. Do not let the different career opportunities in the market confuse you. Rather you should be able to find the career of your interest.
Do not let your dream to 'get set in a career' make you fickle-minded. If this happens, you will find yourself doing something that you are not interested in. 
Follow your interests. Do not opt for a medical profession just because your friends have done it or your family members have told you to do so. Of course, the medical profession is indeed a good career option, but here the question is, are you interested in it? If yes, then go ahead.

Think Logically

Suppose you have chosen to pursue a career in engineering. Think whether you can afford to study engineering? Do you have enough resources available to initiate and continue with the studies?
Are you good at science and mathematics? If yes, then don't wait! Step ahead. But, if you have an element of doubt for all such questions, you need not worry! Just make sure that you make all the necessary arrangements and avail a bright career that is waiting for you.

Foresee your Career Scope

Many times, people choose a career which is booming, but then the demand collapses after a few years which can lead to a situation. Such people do not have any option other than a career change. However, to avoid such a situation, choose such a career that has a bright future after some years or at least when you will complete your studies and start working.
Do some research and also consult your elders in this regard. Their experience would help you find a way out, but yes, speak about your interest to them. Do not think of a career having a bright future 20 years down the line, as of no use at this stage.
Choose something which has a steady future in terms of growth. However, small ups and downs such as saturation point in the field or economic recession are part of the global economy. Such things should not divert you from your motive.

Make a List

While making a choice, make a list of all the things that you expect out of your career. We have already mentioned the basic expectations, find out whether you want something more. Check out if your choices be able to fulfill those aspirations.

Explore your Uniqueness

You might be average looking, but you are unique. Don't be like common people, just chasing financial aspirations or working just for earning bread. Choose a career that brings out the best in you and is a good medium to prove yourself to the world.

Make a Wise Choice

Do keep in mind, all that glitters is not gold. The objective behind this is that you should not run behind glamor or things that look beautiful from far. Make a wise choice. Whatever your expectations might be, everyone at the end of the day wishes for happiness and satisfaction.
Some career options might appear thrilling and exciting to you in the beginning, but with a detailed study, you will understand the drawbacks in them. Therefore make sure that your choice is wise and you won't need to repent on your decision in the future.