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What Makes a Good Life Coach

A life coach can change the course of your life, and help you achieve success by guiding you in trying times. Find out the qualities that make a good life coach...
Rujuta Borkar
Who does not need guidance in their lives? We all do. Right from the time we are born till the time it is considered that we are adult enough to essentially take our own decisions and make choices for ourselves. But even then, some form of guidance is important for us. This fact is based on a simple theory that makes complete sense.
It is impossible for a person to have complete knowledge of something and know exactly what is right or wrong for him, especially when the situation is completely new for him. At such a time, when one takes related advice from a guide who is more knowledgeable and experienced than you, it can definitely lead to a more informed and well thought out decision.
If you look around today, there are several types and forms of coaches that you'll find. Not only are there coaches for studies and sports, which is something that has been there forever, but this concept has now caught on to include personal life coaching as well. What is a life coach?
Personal, or life coaching as it is more popularly known, is a concept that includes guiding a person to become more satisfied with their lives. While the methods of coaching someone when it comes to studies, sports and a broader concept like life will be different for each sphere, there are certain factors which are essential in shaping a good coach.
What makes a good coach and how to recognize a good life coach? Like we said, there are certain key qualities that a life coach will essentially possess, which will make him/her a good coach. What makes a good life coach? Let's review these here.

Qualities of a Good Life Coach

When one learns to recognize the qualities that make a good life coach, then one can be assured that they are in good hands. Given here are the essential qualities that are required in becoming a life coach and guiding a person through well enough.
A good life coach has to possess certain basic qualities which will allow his clients to look up to him and be willing to learn from him. These qualities are knowledge and experience. A good coach has to possess the knowledge and experience required if he has to be credible for others. No one is going to want to learn from a coach who has nothing to offer.
Respect for the clients is another very important and a basic quality that all coaches need to have instilled in them. Unless a coach respects his clients, he will be unable to instill a bond between them, which is the basis of a nurturing relationship.
An insulting, criticizing or a coach that instills fear can never be a coach because getting someone to do something out of fear is never a good way to help them grow.
Helping the clients grow is what a coach should aim at doing. This means recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the clients and then working to nurture and work on them both respectively.
Molding the clients to do better at the task at hand. How? Recognizing what the driving forces of each individual are. Then using those to motivate them to work harder and smarter.
It takes a seasoned coach to be able to study clients and determine the driving force for each of them, since no two clients will have the same driving force. It's not just that he has to recognize the driving forces, but also learn to use them well enough to bring them into action.
A coach will recognize the capacity of his clients but will not pressurize them. Clients should feel comfortable and nurtured in his presence and not be bogged down by expectations that hamper their growth. Even though goal should be made clear for clients, there should be no pressure or force exerted to achieve same by underhanded or other similar means.
Is life coaching a good career? In today's times, life coaching is considered to be a very lucrative profession to get into. With the basic understanding of what this profession requires, what are its demands, and what makes a good life coach, a person can decide for themselves whether foraying into this profession is a good choice for them.
How to be a good life coach? Possess these qualities and learn to bring them into action. A life coach is expected to be sensitive and understanding along with possessing a majority of the qualities that were mentioned here. Do you think you have it in you to do what is expected?