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What Jobs Can Your Kids Get Without a College Education?

Mia Morales
To get a job, it is not necessary that your kids get the college degree. Instead, apart from only having the degree, other qualifications and skills are vital too.
When your kids graduate from high school, you might think they must get a college education to get jobs that pay well. Rising college tuition and staggering student debts have discouraged many parents from taking their children to college. The job market has positions that do not require someone to have a degree.

Refrigeration And Heating Mechanic

The job needs brave individuals. Your children will be regulating the quality of air and temperature in buildings. To get the license of operation, you can help your child obtain one by being an apprentice of a licensed technician. Technicians earn a median salary of $45,910, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.


If you love numbers, this job will suit you well. The position will require you to record all financial transactions. Additionally, you will be providing the company with necessary financial records when needed. If you have unmatched skills in mathematics and computer, you are the right person for this job.
In LLC vs S corp wars, it is safer for your kid to get a job with a corporation as there is job security in comparison with LLC, where bookkeeping is less and not a necessity.

Relocation Manager

Although the job has a high salary, you may lose it due to automation. With a high school diploma, you can get a position of being a transportation manager. You will get tasked with overseeing the movement of goods in aerospace, energy, shipping, tucking, and rail industries.

Investigator Of Insurance Claims

You do not need to go to college to be an insurance claims investigator. When hired, you will have to determine if the insurance claim filed by the insured is worthy of compensation. Although you need a high school education to get the job, getting promotions requires other certifications and training.


Welders have to cut or join equipments to assist in making things that we rely on, daily. To be a welder, you will require an internship program in which a high school education is one requirement. During internship, you will learn more when trained and in class sessions.

Customs And Immigration’s Inspector

When you want your child to work with the government but he only has a high school education, advise them to apply for this job. The job requires him to work with law enforcement and freight handlers to protect U.S borders.

Sales Representative

If you are social and can interact well with people, consider this job. Most sales representatives earn money from the commissions they receive after a sale. Additionally, most companies offer a fixed salary plus a commission on sales. Sales representatives can sell anything from cars to janitorial supplies.


With your high school education, your child can become a forest firefighter. These are specialists who battle with smoke, wind, and flames from forest fires. The job is dangerous and needs courage. Specialists earn a living by saving people, infrastructure, woodlands, and homes from fire outbreaks.

Barrister’s Assistant

Most successful firms have paralegals. Their work is gruesome and exhilarating regardless of whether you are working your way or new to the legal system. The assistant’s task is to hand-hold clients and draft documents, although the duties may be challenging and varied.


These are specialists who work to ensure that they restore your damaged skin or hair. Even though it is not a well-paying job, skills and location of business can determine the amount you charge. To be a cosmetologist, you need a high school education and some training.

Building And Construction Inspector

The job requires you to ensure that completed buildings and construction projects meet national and local ordinates and cords and are safe. The role will also require you to zone contract specifications and regulations.
To help your children who aren't looking forward to college, get a job, it is not a must to have a degree; other qualifications and skills are vital too.