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What Does a Project Manager Do

Indrajit Deshmukh
The project manager job description may vary according to the industry they work in. However, some of the core responsibilities will stay the same irrespective of the industry you work in.

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Organizations have found that they are able to provide better services to their clients if they delegate a manager for a particular project.
These project managers are in charge of conceptualizing to execution of the project. They will have to take on the responsibilities of planning the work processes and assigning deliverable's to individuals on the team.
The project manager designation is one of the most important positions in the organization as they are responsible for the entire project, right from understanding the clients needs to making sure that they are realized on time.

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Organizations will choose project managers not only for their experience but also for their personal traits like communication and interpersonal skills. Candidates who have problem solving skills and are meticulous about the work they do will be preferred for project manager jobs.

Job Description

A project manager has to interact with clients and find out their requirements, they will undertake several client meetings to decide the deliverable's of the said project. They will review and negotiate the terms of the project and also set the deadlines for the completion of the work.
The project manager will continue interacting with the clients till the completion of the project. They will also act as a conduit between the client and their team members.
Sometimes a project manager will have to choose his team members and he does this according to the project's requirements. He is also in charge of delegating work to individuals on the team for the better execution of the project.
The project manager will also hold brainstorming meetings of team members to come up with plans and ideas to finish the project on time. Conducting regular meetings to assess the progress and relay information is also an integral aspect of the job profile.
Supervising the work of team members is a crucial aspect of the project manager job description, as he will have to ensure that the designated work is being done on time. He will also make sure that processes are in place to safeguard project standards.
Introducing risk assessment and management procedures is also a part of their duties. Updating the team members and the clients about new developments pertaining to the project is also a part of their job.
He will generate project reports to appraise company bosses about the status of the project. Train team members in specific tasks if required and at times conduct training session to meet project requirements. Review reports generated by team members and suggests changes that will help the deliverable's of the project.

Job Competencies

The project manager needs to have excellent communication skills in order to interact with the clients and explain the requirements of the project to members of the team. He also has to have sound financial knowledge to understand and generate reports regarding the expenses incurred and income generated by the project.
Team management skills are required as there will be individuals from different technical and departmental background on the team. Leadership skills are a prerequisite along with problem solving abilities. Identifying opportunities for improvement and pushing team members to excel by setting examples are some other qualities required of a project manager.
The project manager salary depends on factors like job location and the industry that you work for. Employers prefer candidates with relevant experience and those who have a combination of sound technical knowledge and personal qualities.