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What Does a Multimedia Designer Do

Rujuta Borkar
In this following story, we will take you through some of the duties that a multimedia designer does and what his pay scale is like. To know more about a job that provides you with an opportunity to exercise your creativity, read on.
A new and snazzy movie clip with the latest technology. The designs to die for, the animation almost life like, the colors and combination all coming together to make it one larger-than-life work of art. Who do you think is behind all this? A multimedia designer, that's who.
What does a multimedia designer do? He takes all his talent and puts it in that piece of art. For that he needs to have honed his skills to be able to take sound, video, graphics, animation and other elements and create the final work. What are some of his duties? Think this piece is in order to give you a clearer idea of what a designer does and what are some of his duties.

Multimedia Designer Job Description

Designers who specialize in multimedia are needed in several fields through the globe, did you know? They are required to work in several fields which include - websites, movies, television, educational institutions, corporate companies and others. 
Of the varied careers in multimedia design, a multimedia designer is one such person who is in a whole lot of demand. Let us list out some of the duties that are in order.
  • A multimedia artist has to have a meeting with the clients in order to understand what they need and to make a note of anything particular that they have in their mind.
  • They then create a project strategy to determine the ways in which the project will be designed and brought into effect.
  • For this, they must have a very strong base of the animation programs, different scripts, the latest in designing software and the like.
  • Before the introduction of computers in this field, these artists would draw their designs on paper and then develop a script for the same.
  • Media designers work in consultation with the other departments as well (like advertising and sales) in order to do justice to the final product that the client wants.
  • They then prepare rough drafts of their designs and work in collaboration with the clients to show them the way in which the designing progresses.
  • They have to then prepare the final work using the required software and the like.
  • It is possible that different sections of the work may be divided among different artists given the magnitude of the work.
  • Depending on the nature of the work, the artist has to decide the kind of software that will be most effective to bring the work forth.
  • After the final copy of the work is done, the multimedia artist has to meet with the client to ensure that the product has come out the way it was planned.
  • If there are any other changes then these have to be undertaken and brought into action.
  • He might work as a freelancer as well. In either case, the way of working will follow a similar path.

Multimedia Designer Salary

What needs to be factored in here is that there are varied opportunities that a media designer can look into and given the nature of the job, there is never a dearth of these opportunities. That is why even though a designer may not be working for a company, he can look to earn quite a decent salary.
The average multimedia designer pay scale falls in the range of US $ 60,000-82,000 per annum (approximately). Though this figure is a record of the salary that a person who has recently started out in the business might be earning, there are a number of other factors that influence the salary as well. These include
  • The city of employment
  • The number of years work experience
  • The skills that a person possesses
All these factors will influence the salary of the designer and as the years progress, the salary will increase steadily.
This basic information on what a multimedia designer does, what his duties and responsibilities are and the salary that he may earn, will have given you some idea of this profession. Here's hoping that it has made your choice easier and you can now decide whether a career in this seems like a good option to look into.