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What Does a Life Coach Do?

Rohini Mohan
Do you know what does a life coach do and why are they in such demand? Life coaches are believed to provide the lost and the self-doubting, with a chance to regain confidence in themselves and achieve their pending dreams and ambitions.
A life coach is a personal motivator who helps bring out the best in his client. The relationship between a life coach and his client is collaborative and mutually equal. Life coaches do not enforce their personal opinion upon clients. They work in collaboration with each other, and make sure that all the priority is bestowed upon the client and no one else.
It is all about the client and how he or she can be helped so as to make positive changes within themselves, in their personal as well as professional lives.
Most importantly, the process is built upon helping clients realize what they wish to become and to help them figure out how they are going to get there. Though, this depends on a specific goal that must be achievable according to the coach. How are they going to achieve the goals, which they until now, believed were impossible for them to achieve.

What Does a Professional Life Coach Do

Unlike conventional fields of coaching such as sports, personal training or academic training, life coaching dwells into all the spheres that the client allows. These domains could be anywhere from business, performance at work, relationship with family or with oneself.
They provide adequate encouragement and assistance to clients so that they can evolve and grow to become better individuals. No personal questions are asked, nor does a life coach try to find out the past experiences of the client. No judgments are passed and thus there are no ego conflicts. The two of you treat each other with equality and mutual respect.
Life coaching helps the client feel confident and sure enough about their own potential. Once this step is accomplished, the next involves that the clients convert their goals into actions by taking necessary and relevant steps.
These steps are sorted out by the clients themselves, and the life coach is merely there as a motivational tool or mirror of self, for the client. The entire objective of the coaching is to make clear that the goal is achievable and within the client's reach.
The reason why life coaches are needed by some individuals is because they need someone to discuss their thoughts with. Some find it hard to express their ideas to let alone themselves, which is why they need someone who can hear them out. With whom they can share their fears and doubts with, without having to be judged for or made fun of.
He helps the client focus on the solutions to a problem of the client and make positive changes within themselves so that they think and act clearly. This has proven to bring many people closer to achieving their goals. There is a complete secrecy between the coach and the client, which ensures that everything they discuss can never reach a third-party.

The FOUR Key Conditions

For the coach client relationship to develop there are certain prerequisites that need to be complied with by either of the parties. They are:
  • The client must have a minimum of one Coachable Goal which can be achieved through the coaching.
  • That the client is willing to receive the best and the maximum through the process.
  • That the clients feel assured that they have met the perfect coach for their purpose.
  • And finally that the life coach is truly willing to train the client. Also to decide whether the coach is absolutely well qualified to carry out the task.

The Cost of Life Coaching

All being said in praise of this practice, it must be known that life coaching is not affordable of all since life coach may charge a client on an average USD 34.27 per hour. The coaching usually takes place over the phone. These telephonic interactions may take about 3-5 coaching sessions per period, which allow the client to talk to the coach 24/7.
Life coach may charge a client on an average USD 34.27 per hour. It is believed that becoming a life coach is fairly easy, and the pay is high as well.
Well here you have all the pros and the cons of life coaching. Though, how effective this practice is, cannot be determined precisely. Since the relationship is completely telephonic, there isn't any interpersonal interaction between the client and the coach, which is why you must tread very carefully.