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What Does a Human Resource Manager Do

Leena Palande
Interested in knowing the duties and responsibilities of a human resource (HR) manager? Read on to know what does a human resource manager do and what qualities do you need to have if you are looking forward to become a HR manager....
A human resource (HR) manager helps operate an organization by recruiting right candidates. His duties and responsibilities may vary according to the size and structure of the organization. In large organizations, the duties of HR manager and other managers are clearly defined but in small organizations, they may have overlapping duties and responsibilities.

Human Resource Manager Duties

► HR manager works as an advocate for both the company and the staff. He/she plays the role of a mediator between the company executives and staff.
Working as an HR manager is a challenging job because the person has to perform a constant balancing act to satisfy both directors and the staff. The HR manager should be able to select talented and perfect people for the benefit and fast growth of the company.
► A few years before, HR manager was involved more in paperwork, as he was supposed to settle personnel queries and he was held responsible for smooth administration of the departments in the company.
These days, HR manager is still concerned with hiring of employees, paying employees and dealing with benefits; but he is more adaptable and resilient than before. The HR manager has to train newly hired employees for their specific roles.
► The HR manager has to keep before his/her eyes the goal of development of the organization for which he/she is working. Taking into consideration the strategic business plan and objectives, the HR manager has to plan various activities for team building. For example, arranging birthday parties, sports days, annual celebrations, short trips, etc.
► What does a human resource manager do when there are conflicts between the employees, or between the management and the employees? To maintain a congenial atmosphere at work, the HR manager has to take actions regarding discipline.
Many times, he has to resolve conflicts between employees, without losing his nerves. He is also expected to appreciate hard work by employees. Selecting the employees for rewards is one of his important duties.
► The HR manager has to evaluate performances of the employees not only to determine award-winning employees, but also to adjust and increase the salaries, to decide about bonuses, incentives and performance appraisals, etc.
He works as a bridge for communication between the employee and the employer. He has to take into consideration benefits of both the company and the employees.
► Sometimes, the HR manager has to play the role of a mentor, especially when he has to help employees cope up with bad bosses. The HR manager is expected to inspire and motivate the employees. He/she is supposed to build their spirits and bring about significant improvement in their performances and productivity.
► Taking into consideration smooth functioning of the organization, the HR manager has to make standard rules regarding time-in, time-out, general behavior, holidays, harassment, sexual harassment, misbehavior, etc. He/she has to monitor and check whether the rules are being observed by all.
► The HR manager decides about the break-up of salary and keeps records of the benefits like travel allowances, rent reimbursement, insurance, medical, provident fund, etc. availed by the employees during the tenure of their service. He is expected to have perfect knowledge about labor laws and government tax policies.
► The HR manager has to take care of the security of the employees. He/she is also involved in handling travel and tickets.
As mentioned earlier, the job description of a human resource manager and salary of the HR may vary according to the location, size of the organization, educational qualification, experience, etc. Now that you know what does a human resource manager do, you can prepare well and grab your dream job.
A management degree with specialization in human resource management can fetch you handsome salaries. A pleasing personality and good communication skills can help you become a successful HR manager.