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What Careers Make the Most Money?

Aakash Singh
Besides others, mostly fresh graduates and job seekers wonder which careers make the most money! We will give you a better idea...
The economic recession experienced recently is showing sign of abating, and has brought in a feeling of blessedness amongst optimistic job seekers.
For people who were still lucky enough to have a job at that time had numerous hardships, like their salaries were slashed, they were denied of any appraisal, incentives, etc. But then, at the same time, there were few other sectors which were not much affected by the recession, like the field of medicine.

Health Care and Medicine

Like we said, the health care sector was amongst the very few that were hardly affected by the recession. This is ever growing and is a sector which is always in demand of qualified personnel. Health care is vast, and there are variety of professionals which come under its umbrella.
There are some jobs for which there is a certain minimum educational qualification required. Few of the medical careers that have the highest paying jobs are veterinarian, lab technician, X-ray technician, school psychologist, occupational therapist, dentist, optometrist, etc.

Business and Finance

This was a sector which was badly affected because of the recession. Even qualified professionals were laid off in this field. The finance sector cannot be down for a long time though.
People today, are aware about the market condition, hence, want to invest money. This calls for the requirement for financial advisers and planners, loan officers, etc., which are among the highest paying careers. A few business careers that make the most money are accountant financial analyst, cost estimator, actuary, public relations specialist, etc.

Science and Technology

Science and technology is also a sector which is fruitful as far as remuneration is concerned. The field of information technology is ever growing. Almost each and every company today wants to get newer technologies for their consumers. As a result, we see more and more new and improved products which are technology efficient.
IT plays a big role in environmental and medical science too. Some best paid jobs in this field are civil engineer, environmental science technician, computer software engineer, biomedical engineer, software developer, network architect, hydrologist, meteorologist, etc.

Education and Civil Services

A career in the education field can not only be self-satisfactory for many, but can also be respectable at the same time. Civil services like working for a non-profit organization, civil servant, public health services, social worker, etc., can be a work of honor.
In the field of education, you can impart knowledge amongst many, you will work for a social cause, providing aid and guidance for many. It may not be like those sectors in which you can expect a very lucrative salary, but then a decent pay is what one can expect.
Few of the jobs in this sector are mediator, medical and public health social worker, special education teacher, court reporter, urban planner, etc.