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Welder Job Description

The job of a welder consists of many duties that require intense focus and a wide range of skills. Let us discuss more about the same.
Kundan Pandey
Welding is a challenging job. Technically, it may just seem to be joining of metal ends using high levels of heat. However, it is not restricted to this basic task. For welders, there is some sense of joy in their work that keeps them motivated to work in high temperature ranges and in congested factories. Let us look at the job profile.

Job Description

As automotive industries and construction engineering has developed into one of the largest industries, career opportunities for welders have increased drastically. Consequently, skilled craftsmen like welders are required for their expertise in ship building, automobile, bridge construction, and aerospace technologies.
The job of a welder includes careful handling of the welding torches, that are their ultimate working tools. Traditional forms of welding include arc welding and the latest methods include wire feeder welding.
Another crucial responsibility of the job is to perform welding with speed, accuracy, and deftness. This industry is all about skills and proficiency in work. So welders have to ensure that quality of their work is always maintained at a high level.
Those who are skilled in advanced techniques like micro TIG welding, that involves the use of inert gas for joining stainless steel or aluminum, have better earning potential.
Expertise in TIG welding can fetch better employment opportunities and higher wages. Since the architecture of building rods and pipes is crucial role for rendering the desired design to buildings, welders must ensure that they are able to clearly understand the guidelines, drawings and models that are presented to them with regards to the welding process.
Not surprisingly, ships and automobiles require extremely talented welders, so that they can get desired designs.
Welders need to have basic knowledge about electricity, adjusting voltage, and temperature management. With latest technologies like laser cutting and plasma cutting employed in industries, an awareness about them increases the probability of getting hired.
For many, welding gives immense job satisfaction and offers creative challenges. Nowadays, salaries of welders who have considerable work experience are decent and one can move on to handle supervisory roles in welding industries and work with a team.