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Weekend Jobs for Teenagers

Mukta Gaikwad
Lazy weekends can be put to productive use with weekend jobs for teenagers. Constructive activities on weekends can yield a few extra bucks and add to your allowance. Instead on watching hours of mindless TV, putting in a few hours of work will sort your worries about the shopping sprees with your girlfriends and a few extra gaming hours with your friends.
It is an excellent opportunity to put your skill sets to the best use too. Teenagers must be encouraged to take up part-time jobs, as it teaches them responsibility, hones their organizational and managerial acumen, and allows them an insight of efforts taken by parents to make a family.


So which subject are you good at? Mathematics? Science? Geography? Or is it history? Pick any that you think you are capable of teaching kids of a lower grade. Start your own weekend classes for tutoring kids.
Although this is a part-time job to be done only on weekends, remember that it comes with a huge responsibility of shaping the child's academic performance all round the year. Being a teacher is a job that demands planning in advance, being punctual, understanding, accommodating and inspiring. You can look for online tutoring jobs that pay you per hour.

Park Jobs

If an amazing and adventurous job is what you want, then think a little outside the box. Ever thought of getting paid for joy rides? Well, then working at amusement parks is the job in question.
These super fun jobs give you the opportunity to interact with various people, to work seriously for an amusing job, and most importantly, teach you hospitality. With so many advantages, taking up such a demanding job would surely seem effortless.

Lawn Mowing

If sweating it out in the sun is your idea of earning your bread and butter, then lawn mowing is the perfect job.
This outdoor job requires a great deal of strength to put up with the physical labor involved in this task. Lawn mowing is an excellent way of learning lawn care, gardening and landscaping. As this job requires getting your clients on your own and maintaining your clientele, it also gives teenagers real lessons of customer relationship management.


With a score of parents who work weekends, and there are also those that go out on weekends, the predicament of leaving a toddler all alone at home is quite haunting. This has created a huge demand for babysitters.
Teenagers make for the best babysitters as they are full of energy. Looking after the child in the parent's absence is the sole requirement of this job. So to take up this task, charge by the hour, while some charge per session. So work out your commercials and get started as a professional babysitter.

Restaurant Jobs

Restaurant jobs have been the most popular forms of employment for teenagers. One can be a waiter, bartender, host or even an assistant cook. Many times, a waiter earns more from tips than from the salary!
Once again, this job teaches you to work under pressure and maintain a cool and calm composure, despite any sort of distress. Additionally, it also teaches you management of time, money and material available at your disposal.
Introspect your interests a little, to know what you really like to do. This will help you find a job that fits your bill. As these jobs are restricted to only two days of week, and they give you ample time to finish your school or college work during the week.
In case you plan to pick up any of these jobs, you will have to get into the practice of making schedule and adhering to the same. Working from an early age gives you an edge over others, as it makes you a professional even before you enter the real professional world.