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Webmaster Salary Range

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The job of a webmaster involves construction, maintenance, and registering the domain name of a website, for its users. The salaries for this post have seen a rising trend, due to the growing demand for such professionals.

Job Description

A person in this field has to enhance the performance of a website. He has to closely observe its up-time, and also manage the databases of the company for which he works.
The biggest challenge for them is to prevent hackers from stealing any kind of important information, which needs to remain confidential.
He needs to have good written skills for content writing on the website, and this requires a lot of practice and consistency. If webmasters have to design an e-commerce website, then they are supposed to make a shopping cart software.
They need to have an excellent knowledge of the tools, operating systems, and web development applications. They also need to be experts on Adobe Dream weaver, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Extensible Markup Language (XML), and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).
Their main duty is to make the website rank higher on the Internet search engines. For this purpose, the search engine optimization technique (SEO) is used.
The main qualifications for this job include at least a Bachelor's degree or preferably a Master's degree in computer science, from a reputed institute. Even software engineers with requisite skills and experience can become successful webmasters. Initially, you might have to work at a junior post, but with experience, you can surely move up to senior posts.

Salary Range

The pay scale of a webmaster largely depends on the educational qualifications, number of years of experience, and the work location. Webmasters operating in large multinational corporations in urban cities earn much more than those working for smaller companies. Their earnings also depend on their ability to learn and implement new technologies and skills.
The median salaries are believed to be around USD 95,881 per year. Juniors entering this field can earn around USD 46,000 per year. For a mid-level webmaster (having an experience between four to nine years), the pay scale is around USD 54,462 per year.
For an experience of more than ten years, the salary can be in the range of USD 59, 533 to USD  63,895 per year. Webmasters have two options for working in an organization: as an employee, or as a self-employed professional.