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Weakness Interview Questions

Geeta Dhavale
The thought of an interview scares many when it comes to searching for a job. This happens because we don't know what we will be asked. The best way to get away from this anxiety is preparing your answers for the probable questions.
An interviewer may ask you a variety of questions. Even after preparing well, many people get rejected, as they do not seem convincing and confident enough while answering some of the tough and tricky questions thrown at them at interviews.

Sample Questions

There are many ways an interview question can be answered. Given here are some of the questions:
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are you weaknesses?
  • What is your greatest weakness?
  • What are your shortcomings?
  • What are your drawbacks?
  • If you are given a chance to live your life over again, what you would like to change about yourself?
Earlier, interviewers used to ask questions directly, but with increasing lame responses, they ask the same questions in a different way.
"I am a perfectionist". Such kind of answers will annoy the employers. Never turn yours strengths into weaknesses. It leaves a bad impression for the reason, as being perfect is a good quality, and not a weakness. An interviewer may backfire with other questions, Like, "So, you don't want to be a perfectionist?", and this will put you in a difficult dilemma.
"I do not go to gym". Turning your personal shortcomings into professional ones is a big mistake. It does not help you at all. It only highlights your personal weaknesses, along with the professional ones, making you more unwanted. Such answers also distract the conversation and the flow of interview, and you may not get selected.
Always give relevant and honest answers. A weakness relevant to the job profile should not be highlighted. For example, if you are an accountant, do not say that you're bad with words and numbers. If you are a teacher, then do not say "I am not best when it comes to children". Such answers definitely pose a threat to your probable candidacy.

How to Answer Such Questions?

Answering interview questions one is always a tricky job. You need to answer in a way that shows your ability to overcome problems. Always answer with additional information on how are you trying to cope up with a weakness. 
For example, if you are a writer, and your weakness is slow typing speed, then say that you are trying to overcome it by undergoing various typing test. Along with this, also mention the improvement or positive results of your efforts. This serves as a satisfying answer for the employer, and it also shows your sporty attitude while dealing with problems. 
This answer may highlight your weakness, but more than that, it highlights your strengths. Remember that:
  • Nobody is perfect, accept that you have shortcomings.
  • Have a comfortable, confident, and positive body postures.
  • Everyone has flaws, mention your weaknesses without embarrassment.
  • Make sure that the list of your weaknesses is shorter than strengths.