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Water Aerobics Certification

Charlie S
Water aerobics is a great form of exercise that helps tone the body. Attaining certification in this field, allows you to teach other individuals implement this exercise to be able to lose weight and tone up. Here's how to get the certification.
Having certification in water aerobics gives you the exciting opportunity to train people of all ages in it. It will help you solve fitness related problems of people, by training youngsters, new mothers, and the aged or elderly people. Certified instructors teach their students body coordination and focus on aspects related to strength training.

Practical Applications of Certification

As a certified instructor, you can teach it to senior people. You will have to teach the seniors, application of anchored aquatic methodology and techniques of building stamina.You can also specialize in teaching prenatal water aerobics, which is very much in demand these days.
These courses are offered by many organizations, which follows all the rules and safety guidelines that have been laid down by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

How to Obtain Certification

The first step is to jump into the industry and train yourself in every small area and increase your abilities and confidence by participating in different events related to water aerobics. Create good contacts at the events with the supervisors who have a lot of experience, as they have already spent a lot of time in the industry, for your benefit.
Sometimes, to obtain a certification, you might have to appear and clear written tests along with the practical exams, where you actually supervise people. The certification which you will be getting after clearing all the necessary exams and completing the formalities will be for about two years, and you will have to get it renewed after its validity ends.
You should surf the Internet and collect information about the institutes which give certification in water aerobics and find where you can secure jobs as a certified trainer.
The United States Water Fitness Association, Aquatic Exercise Association, Water Art Fitness International, etc., offer excellent courses in water aerobics. The International Fitness Association (IFA) has been providing an aqua aerobics certification program for many years now.

Post Certification

Once you are certified, create a course program which includes a warm up section, aerobics, and cool down. Create brochures mentioning this program, your certification, etc. Visit the nearby pools and fitness clubs in your locality, and speak to the directors there regarding inclusion of a aqua aerobics session if there isn't one currently.
Be prepared to show them the exercises in your program. You should know all your exercises at the back of your hand and the benefits of each of these exercises. You can also send out these brochures with your local newspaper if you are ready to take private classes.
By obtaining the certification, you can yourself do the exercises along with teaching others and remain healthy and active. It can become a decent source of income and can take you places, if you are sincere and dedicated at work.