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Waste Management Jobs

Stephen Rampur
Waste management jobs mainly deal with commercial and residential garbage collection and their disposal. Managing waste materials through several processes, helps in maintaining a healthy environment and clean surroundings.
It is very important to protect the environment in which we live. Many people have a common misconception that such jobs only include garbage collection. However, you need to understand that this profession also consists of opportunities for other posts as well.

Different Employment Opportunities


These executives are employed by entities and agencies, which provide services on a residential or commercial basis. They promote waste management services by means of advertisements and Internet marketing.

Environmental Technologists

These professionals have a deep knowledge and understanding of how waste and garbage contributes to environmental pollution. Their main job is to suggest plans and implement new methods of waste collection, processing, and disposal.

Waste Management Technicians

They manage the methods of waste handling, and supervise all primary steps in waste processes. Such professionals may also supervise processes of residential garbage or hazardous waste from industrial facilities.

Hazardous Waste Technicians

Their main job is to make sure that all the hazardous waste materials are collected and shipped to the appropriate landfills, for treatment or safe disposal. It is quite a risky and dangerous occupation.

Waste Management Mechanics

They also play a supportive role in these services, and are responsible for ensuring that the vehicles and equipment dealing with the management run smoothly, and are maintained properly.

Route Service Drivers

Also known as the pickup personnel, their main job is to drive trucks to the appropriate garbage collection areas, which range from residential to commercial spots, and drive back to where the waste is supposed to be disposed. They also have to operate the machinery fitted in these vehicles, and hence, they need to be physically fit as well.

Field Waste Characterization Specialists

These professionals are handed over the responsibility of ensuring that all types of wastes and hazardous materials are dumped or processed at their appropriate locations for environmental safety.

Solid Waste Directors

Their job is to supervise whether all the processes are being carried out smoothly, with compliance to the local laws. They also oversee recycling procedures, and make sure that they do not create any environmental issues.

Waste Water Treatment Engineers

They are essential personnel recruited, for the purpose of designing and managing plants and projects, which treat waste water. These jobs generally require a substantial amount of field research.

Waste water Treatment Operators

These jobs are related to professionals, who make sure that contaminated water goes through cleaning processes efficiently. Their general duties include examining water samples and maintaining the machinery.
Each of the mentioned jobs have a significant role to play in the chain of waste management. In this field, you will find many more job openings. Other common posts are Water Reclamation Facility Operator, Health and Safety Manager, Landfill Operations Manager, etc.
Some jobs related to this field also involve the posts of researchers, engineers, and data management personnel, for analyzing and managing this entire system of waste recycling and disposal.