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Waitress Job Description

Mayuri Kulkarni
Prior to thinking of applying for the designation of a waitress, it would be helpful to understand the job profile. Read on for the job description of a waitress in detail.
A waiter/waitress is an important member of the restaurant staff. It is a common misconception that he/she solely takes and delivers customer orders. In reality, the job entails much more, there are plenty of duties to be performed.
Responsibilities, of course, may change from restaurant to restaurant, since the work environment and company rules differ. But the basic waitress duties remain the same in all the restaurants. Some women like to opt for a full-time job, while some work on hourly wages. Encompassed here is the job description and salary range of a waitress in detail.

Job Description

  • Waitresses are assigned certain tables for service, in many restaurants.
  • She escorts the customers to the table and greet them when they occupy their seats.
  • She is expected to provide the menu card to the customers and clear their doubts regarding certain dishes as well.
  • She can also make some recommendations, if required.
  • She has to note down the order placed by the customer and then, read out the placed order to the customer for confirmation.
  • The order is then delivered to the kitchen, and once the meal is ready, she has to take it to the table.
  • After serving, she has to ask if the customer requires something else.
  • After the customer finishes the meal, she has to politely enquire if he/she needs dessert. If yes, she has to follow the same procedure as described earlier.
  • Then, she has to present the bill and carry the payment to the counter.
  • This list comprised just basic duties; a waitress has other responsibilities as well.
  • She has to attend phone calls and take reservations.
  • She also prepares the bill that specifies cost of each food item ordered by the customer.
  • She has to update the customer about the daily specialties.
  • Once the customer leaves the table, she has to clear up and clean the table.
  • She has to verify the customer's age in order to find if he/she is eligible for consumption of alcohol beverages.
  • Fluency in certain languages will help in communication with customers from a different land.
  • She is expected to refill empty glasses of water, wine, and alcohol as well as cups of tea or coffee.
  • She needs to resolve customer queries with patience and confidence.

Basic Requirements

  • There are no special educational requirements for becoming a waitress; generally, restaurants expect at least a high school degree.
  • There are certain vocational schools that offer special training for this job, and some of the restaurants prefer hiring such waitresses with basic training.
  • Good arithmetic skills, pleasant appearance, good observation skills, physical fitness, friendly nature, etc., are some of the basic requirements to become a waitress.

Salary Range

  • The salary of a waitress completely depends on the restaurant and the area where the restaurant is located.
  • Most of the earnings are in the form of tips, rather than regular wages.
  • On an average, the median salary earned by a well-experienced waitress is around USD 23,000.
  • A beginner may earn only between USD 2 to USD 11 per hour.
  • In New York, the average hourly wage is around USD 8.66, while in Los Angeles it is around USD 10.27.
  • The tip depends on customer's satisfaction with the services. The nicer the behavior, better are the tips.
Becoming a waitress is quite a challenging job. One has to be physically fit, since continuous bending of the back may cause fatigue. The waitress should know how to handle uncooperative customers properly without causing any trouble.