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Waiter Job Description

Charlie S
This write-up describes the roles and responsibilities that a person would need to fulfill, when he/she takes up the job of a waiter. To know more, keep reading...
The duty of a waiter working in a restaurant is to take orders from the guests and serve them food. However, the duties do not end here, they have to keep in mind several things and do many tasks to earn a good reputation for their restaurant. Salaries for waiters have seen a rising trend over the years due to the phenomenal growth in the hotel industry.

Job Description

Waiters are responsible for serving food to the visitors of the restaurants. Besides that, they have to do some important things before the guests start pouring in. For example, he has to make sure that the tables are clean, by ordering the person in charge of the same, to clean the tables. He also has to fill the glasses of water for the guests to drink.
Whenever guests arrive, waiters first direct them to a table that is appropriate to the number of people. They may even help them to sit by drawing their chairs. They present a menu card which contains all the food items available in the restaurant. Once the guests order food, waiters note down the dishes which they want and convey the same to the kitchen.
When the food is ready, they serve the guests in a decent manner. If the number of customers is more than one, then the waiters have to remember which person ordered what food and place the proper dish in front of them. They also have to be available to take any additional orders of guests.
They have to be attentive after they have served the guests, and attend to the guests if they need anything. After the guests have had their food, waiters give them the bill and hand over the card or cash to the cashier of the restaurant.
From the job description of a waiter, it is clear that this job is for hardworking people. A waiter needs to dress up well and be well-groomed to create a good impression on the guests. He needs to speak politely to his guests, and make sure that they are satisfied with the service rendered to them.
They should know how to deal with customers, and should be able to tackle difficult situations. In short, good communication skills, interpersonal skills, discipline, good conduct, smartness and presence of mind are the qualities for becoming a good waiter.

Salary Range Details

The salaries for waiters mainly depend on the number of years of practical experience, kind of employer, location of job and educational qualifications. Waiters working in luxurious five-star hotels are bound to earn more than their counterparts working in relatively smaller restaurants.
As per salary surveys conducted, waiters working in hotels and restaurants in major cities, earn far more than those working in restaurants in remote and rural areas. At many places, they are paid on an hourly basis. Salary surveys reveal that their median salary is around USD 5.7 per hour. Experienced waiters can easily earn more than USD 11 per hour.
On a yearly basis, they earn an average salary of USD 23,000 per year. Apart from the fixed salary, they can also get tips from customers which significantly increase their income. However, only those who give good service can expect to earn attractive tips.
Surveys suggest that female waiters earn as much as male ones in many parts of the world. Though you can get a job as a waiter without a degree, a graduation in hospitality or hotel management can help you grab the best jobs in the industry. Hopefully, this information will be useful for achieving your goals if you want to enter this field. Happy Serving!