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Veterinary Technician Job Description

Stephen Rampur
A veterinary technician job varies greatly according to the work setting, where he is employed in, and what are the vet's requirements. This story provides some information regarding this subject.
Veterinary technicians are also known as animal health technologists, and are responsible for providing first-hand assistance and help to veterinarians. These professionals carry out similar kind of tasks, like a nurse would typically do to assist doctors. This job can vary according to the requirements of the employer, and the work setting.
Along with assisting the vets in their duties, he may also be responsible for performing most of the administrative tasks, depending on the environment he is working in.
There are different work settings in this field, such as facilities of veterinarians, public or private zoos, animal research laboratories, and other commercial units, where there is a need for treating animals.

Job Description

The primary responsibility of a veterinary technician is to make available all the equipment and essentials which are required for the treatment of animals. He also has to attend to the customers, who get their pets along for treatment. Doing a rough check, conducting an inquiry, and performing a pre-screening examination to determine the problems of the pets, are also some of the important duties of this technician.
This professional has to obtain the medical history of the pets and animals, which have been brought for treatment. He has to ready the pets, as well as the surgical tools and other equipment that may be required for operations. A veterinary technician also administers anesthesia to the pets before the surgery, under the guidance of the vet. The job description comprises helping the veterinarian in carrying out the operation and giving the tools and apparatus required during the procedure.
He also has to impart training to new recruits in the facility, regarding the duties to be carried out. Few of these include keeping a detailed record of the treatments, handling all aspects of the inventory like purchasing medicines, equipment, apparatus, and daily necessities etc., ensuring that all the equipment in the setting are maintained in good condition, and handling the tasks of the reception like attending calls and scheduling appointments.
If he is working in an animal research laboratory, he has to take care of the pets, feed them properly, and keep them clean. A few may even work in facilities that conduct different therapies relating to animals.

Salary Range

The pay-scale depends on how many years is the technician working in this field, how much knowledge he has regarding his responsibilities, and also the state that he is employed in. These medical professionals can earn a salary on either an hourly or monthly basis.
If working as a regular employee, he may even be eligible for additional benefits such as vacation pay and other health benefits. Individuals, who do not have any experience, may get a starting annual remuneration of USD 21,000 to USD 31,000. After some years of experience and expertise, the salary may even go up to USD 30,000 to USD 45,000 per year.
The per annum median salary of these experts is USD 33,000 to USD 35,000. Note: The salary estimations are approximate figures, which can change according to financial factors.
Along with the conventional duties and the administrative obligations, the veterinary technician job's can even include some general financial duties.