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Unusual Careers List

Stephen Rampur
There are quite a few unusual careers in the industry which are generally required on a small scale. This story consists of such careers...
Many people are aware about typical careers in business, health care, banking, and IT industries. However, some might not know that there are few careers which are totally weird and strange. Some of these jobs are decently paying, whereas others are not. A majority of these jobs are performed on a small scale, and are not observed on the commercial platform. In the following, we are going to present you with an unusual career list.

Few Unusual Careers

Disk Jockeys (DJs)

This is one of the best careers for those who love music and electronics. DJs are professionals who use top-end sound equipment to modify, mix, or even create music for people in clubs and other entertainment facilities.
In this career, one can use the hobby of creating and playing music to earn money. A DJ can easily earn a decent amount of income which comes to around $39,000 on an average.


Bartending is a job that may not be preferred by some people, but by those who like to work in bars. A bartender may provide services in bars, pubs, and other entertainment settings where alcoholic drinks are offered.
Those working in this job may get a per annum income of about $32,000 on an average. Apart with this basic pay, you can even earn lots in tips from customers, which makes this career all the more exciting.

Snake Milkers

This is one of the strange jobs present in the community. The primary role of a snake milker is to extract venom from snakes and collect it to create anti-venom. Another duty included in this career may even include breeding snakes.
In order to get in to this unusual career, you may need to possess educational qualifications in the field of herpetology. A snake milker may draw a per annum salary of about $30,000.

Coffee Tasters

The task of tasting coffee is also referred to as coffee cupping. This is a task done by people known as 'master tasters'. The main job involves to taste different flavors of brewed coffee. This is done to observe the sweetness, acidity, and overall mouth-feel of a particular coffee type.
These taste and flavor experts earn a respectable amount which comes to about $28,000 on an average.

Rodeo Clowns

This is one of the adventurous careers, but a risky one. These people work in bull riding contests and make sure that a fallen rider is safe from the bull. After the rider has fallen, they get on the field and act as a distraction to the bull to get his focus off the rider.
This is also considered one of the riskiest careers of all. They normally charge somewhere between $100 and $500 for each show. This figure may vary as per experience and number of shows.

Funeral Directors

Though this is a strange career, it is a professional business. They work in funeral homes and do the job of preparing for the ceremony. This includes embalming, dressing, and burial of the dead.
Surprisingly, this career has certain requirements regulated by the respective state authorities. The pay range of funeral directors scales from $45,000 and $65,000 per annum. You need to hold post-secondary education and also get through a national board exam to become one.

Animal Behaviorists

This is also an unusual job which requires your work with animals. An essential prerequisite of this career is to be inclined toward carefully observing and working with animals. These professionals have to keep an eye on how animals behave in a specific situation, how they communicate with each other, and similar other aspects.
This career demands a lot of educational qualifications and research in the field of animal behavior. Those working in this job earn a median per annum pay of $69,000 approximately.
There are many other careers which include services which are not evident in common. Few of such jobs are chicken sexers, pet acupuncturists, odor testers, professional whistlers, gum busters, stunt professionals, and many others.
One of the unusual careers that pay well is that of camouflage cosmeticians. Careers such as DJing and bartending might be pursued by people who have a real interest in the field.