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Jobs In The Travel Industry

Janani Rajagopal
'The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page' - St. Augustine. You can learn about different people, cultures, and new places among many others by traveling. What if you could travel around the world and get paid for it as well? Read on to know more...

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The job market is flooded with varied opportunities that are not necessarily restricted to a particular field or domain.
We are all in an era where you have the advantage of pursuing your favorite hobby as a serious career option and at the same time, be successful pursuing it and most importantly, earn a substantial income. It could be anything from photography, modeling to something as exciting and interesting as travel!
Traveling is something that all of us enjoy and we would all love to holiday and visit new places all the time. However, at the end of a good holiday we all need to get back to the rigmarole of a desk job.
However, if you are someone who feels tied down in a desk job, and loves to meet new people and learn about different countries, their culture and lifestyle, a career in the travel industry is a blessing in disguise.
Anyone who enjoys sales, are customer-oriented, can be assured of a successful career. At all functional levels, the nature of work involves directly dealing and interacting with people from different strata, temperaments, and preferences.

Career Options

The travel industry has a wide expanse including numerous associated service industries that work in tandem with the Government tourism departments, Immigration and customs services, travel agencies, airlines, tour operators among many others.
Other related industries that thrive on tourism are hotels, airlines, and agencies who facilitate the process of traveling from one city or country to another. Make an informed decision and choose the right profession based on your personality traits and qualification:
► If you have entrepreneurial capabilities, you can venture into business by starting an agency and run conducted tours.
► If you have an attractive personality, are physically fit and have the stamina to work at unearthly hours you can work as a flight steward or stewardess or work as a ground staff in airlines, considered one of the most glamorous profession next to modeling.
► If you have loads of patience, are self disciplined, have an eye for detail and have a good aesthetic sense, a career in the hospitality industry such as hotels would be ideal.

► Develop your career by qualifying yourself with the Fares and Ticketing courses available that cover terminology, procedures, fares, and ticketing completion to IATA standards.
► If you are a linguist with a quick grasp and command over different languages, it helps you build a good rapport with different kinds of people you interact with during the course of your work.
► A successful professional must be a skilled marketer in addition to handling savvy travel planning.

► Certain prerequisites including prior experience in service, sales or marketing, considerable experience, cross cultural awareness, and computer skills are increasingly becoming essential.
The industry is well-known for swiftly promoting exceptionally good individuals through its ranks. Its projected growth facilitates this trend of above average advancement which will continue for a long time to come. The various perks offered outweigh the challenges.
So, go ahead and have a fruitful career. Make use of the various avenues available to you today and the travel industry is definitely worth the effort! This is your big chance to turn your passion into a lifetime career option.