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Top Medical Careers for Women

Saptakee Sengupta
The top medical careers for women are those that are stable, dignified and well paying. We have sorted out some of them in this Story for your information. Read on...
Medical career is not merely confined to becoming doctors and nurses, it has a broader perspective today, where women are recruited at a large-scale in its allied sectors like, medical writing, coding, transcription, technology, etc.
Studying medicine is no doubt challenging, but the results that you get after years of labor is absolutely satisfying. Medical careers are honorable and lucrative at the same time. The growth curve of your career ascends with substantial years of experience in the respective field.
Women also enjoy dignity and respect in their profession, which is probably more important than money.

Best Medical Careers for Women

Although, doctors have remained in the topmost position, yet other types of health jobs have equally attracted women. However, if you are eager to step into the dynamic environment of a hospital, then you must have a higher degree in medicine.


Someone had once said that a woman can only understand a woman. Probably it's the reason why a woman prefers vising a female gynecologist for discussing her health related issues. The profession of a gynecologist well suits a woman and it's perhaps the best medical job for her.
You have to take up the general medical exam to acquire an MBBS degree. After completion of MBBS, you can go for masters or doctorate in gynecology and then you can practice on completion of your course.
Obstetrics is also a part of your master's degree course and you will be known as OB/GYN in that case. In such cases, post natal care will also be a part of your job.


The joy and satisfaction a woman receives in treating children cannot be equaled to any other medical career. You will have to undergo specialized medical training in order to supervise the health of children. You should have an MBBS degree and then go for pediatrics study.
You have to study child health in detail and specialize in diagnostic and treatment techniques meant for children. Dealing with children and taking care of their health, infuse a sense of accomplishment within women. Apart from all these, you are required to be mentally strong enough to perform surgery on newborn babies and children of all age groups.

Health Advisor

You can become a health adviser if you have studied medicines. Completion of advanced courses in health and nutrition can also make you a health adviser at reputed hospitals or health sectors. It's a stable career and you have to counsel patients and general people for betterment in their health.
Such jobs are mostly available at obesity care units, tuberculosis centers, pre and post natal units, cardiac sectors and many more. You have to also keep a record of their health status and guide them accordingly. Salary of health advisers increase considerably after one or two years of experience.


An MBBS degree is all needed to become a physician. However, you must have the practice license with you. Job opportunities of general physicians are high and you can set up your own clinic as well.
Your responsibilities include treating people on regular basis by giving administration of correct dosage of medicines. Drug therapy and minor surgeries are also performed by physicians for curing people from general health ailments.
You can go for a doctorate to add an edge to your skills and qualifications. Practice license is needed for getting a job in nursing homes and hospitals after having experience through internships.


Nursing as a profession is excellent for women. It's one of those best jobs that a woman can think of pursuing, if only she has the inherent desire to help and serve her patients. Nursing careers are versatile and you can take up the nursing exams to become a certified nurse.
Pursuing higher studies in nursing always proves advantageous in progress of your career. The responsibilities of a nurse are high and it might be the reason behind recruiting women as nurses at such a large-scale. Your designation will depend upon your expertise and so would be your pay.
Allied Services
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Medical coding
  • Medical writing
  • Hospital manager
  • Chief medical officer
Although deciding the best medical career depends on her personal choice and preference, we have sorted out the medical jobs that are considered to be suitable for a woman.
If you are keenly interested in making a career in medicine, then take up studies seriously and start preparing for the medical entrance exams to get a chance in those world-class medical schools.