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Tips to Succeed in a Video Interview

Neha Joshi
It is indeed very difficult to attend an interview in an informal space when you are so used to the usual professional setup. However, video interviews are now common and preparing for one requires you to pay attention to a few details. Here are a few useful tips to ace in a video interview...


You have to be more alert during a video interview as these interviews are more often than not recorded to be viewed later for further examination.
Video interviews have greatly shortened the distance between employers and potential resources. It has become easier to hire someone from another part of the globe after interviewing him just like you would interview someone in your hometown. These interviews have helped recruiters the most.
From having just a small database of potential prospects, they can now tap candidates from all over the world without having to incur any additional commutation costs. This way, proximity has ceased to be a problem and ends can now be met perfectly.
There are two types of video interviews. In the first, you answer a set of preset interview questions alone, i.e., without interacting with anyone. This interview gets recorded and is then added to the database for further evaluation.
In the second type, interviews are conducted with the help of certain software that facilitate video-conferencing, such as Skype, wherein the recruiters/employers directly interact with the candidates. Preparing for both these types of interviews is quite similar. We shall see how to do just that.

7 Tips to Help YOU Ace a Video Interview

Practice Comes First

Before you actually appear for the interview, it is very important that you practice on your own a couple of times. Understand the technology you are working with and learn more about it.
Try to find out the best location to place the microphone in order to ensure optimum voice clarity. You shouldn't have to bend forward in order to speak into it. Adjust its position accordingly. Record your interview and try to detect problems in speech, volume, and the overall picture you portray.

Body Language

Chances are high that the recruiters/employers have already seen your resume and have thus arranged for an interview with you. They now want to see you communicate in person, test your soft skills, and gauge your approach.
For this reason, it is very important that you perfect your body language and appear calm and controlled throughout the interview. Visit the washroom before the session to save yourself from any awkward moments during the conference.


Dress appropriately for the interview. Don't take things casually just because you aren't actually present in front of the recruiters.
You will be creating a first impression, one that is going to last the longest. It is very important that you look well-dressed and neat. Things that contribute to an unkempt look are a shabby hairstyle, a stubble, and an I'm-just-out-of-the-bed expression.


Your posture also contributes greatly to your overall personality. Sit straight and look into the camera; let the confidence shine through.
Stay away from too many hand gestures; it shows lack of confidence. Don't move too much in your seat or don't look around yourself too much. Throughout the interview, assume that your recruiters are right in front of you.


Keep your surroundings neat and clean. If your computer table is in focus, make sure it's clutter-free and doesn't have unnecessary things, like cigarette packets, lighters, makeup essentials, or anything apart from basic stationery, on top of it.
Don't clutter the frame visible to your audience with unneeded junk. If you have posters on your walls, remove them for the time being. Let your background be as clean and empty as possible. The focus should be completely on you and, therefore, your background should be as vacant as possible.

Voice Clarity and Background Noise

Are you positioned in a room that is subject to a lot of external noise? It is very important for you to ensure silence throughout your interview. Employ thick curtains to cut down on external ambient sound of any kind. Keep the windows and door closed. Use the air conditioner instead of the ceiling fan.
Another very important thing you need to ensure to succeed in a video interview is the crystal clarity of your voice. Speak slowly so that every word is comprehensible. Pace your words well. Maintain a steady tone from the very start of the interview so that your voice does not get tired in case the interview continues for a long time.
If you start with a lot of zest, chances are very high that your voice will begin to deteriorate by the end of the session. This can be misconstrued as a gradual depletion of interest in the discussion on your side. Maintain your composure and a steady pitch. Keep sipping water from time to time so that your throat does not dry up at any point.


Lighting is an important factor for a video interview. It is important that the recruiters don't only hear you clearly but also see you clearly. Before your actual interview, record a sample interview when you practice.
If you are not satisfied with the lighting, work on it till you can see yourself clearly in the frame on the computer screen. Low lighting will make the background look shady, so avoid it altogether.
Another point that should be kept in mind is to opt for a device (laptop, PC, tablet, cell phone) that is rested on a platform in front of which you can sit down and talk.
If you hand hold the device, the picture will jerk from time to time because of the obvious fact that your hand will get tired after a point and you will need to move it to relieve yourself. This can cause distraction and interrupt the flow of any conversation.
If you manage to take control of this factors actively, the optimal focus of the recruiters shall then be centered on your potential as a future employee. Take these tips seriously and you'll give the employers no chance to complain. Best of luck!