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Things Only People Who Work With Kids Understand

Puja More
Adults who are surrounded by children most of their time are a lot happier, joyful, and enthusiastic. There are certain things that only people who work with kids understand. They learn new life lessons from the generosity of children, and one can see it clearly in their happy-go-lucky attitude.
Their honest and earnest nature are the reasons children are considered god's gift to us grownups.
Only kids can give you an honest opinion about your looks, paintings, or any other creative act. For them, good will be the best thing they have ever seen, and bad will honestly be the ugliest (and they won't even hesitate to say so). They don't understand modern art, but they surely understand simple colors.
Former President John F. Kennedy once said, "Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future." You are the one who is taking care of that resource and allowing it to grow stronger by your teachings.
Like a potter who molds wet clay into a well-sculpted pot, you shape the future of a child. You teach, learn, and have fun together. This is one of the best things about working with kids. You are the proud potter who gently embellishes their delicate minds.
A true word of appreciation for a person working with kids is the gifts given by them.
You won't get a card or a gift until and unless you are the best and favorite one. The cards given by them will always be beautiful no matter how crooked the lines and messy the drawings are, or the words are flying in different directions and colors are all over the page.
The great artists Pablo Picasso very aptly sums it up when he says, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."
Likewise, you might have been a good painter during your school days, but not all of you may have held on to that talent while growing up. People who work with kids have this benefit. They perceive this part of their life again and then, like kids, freshly learn to see colors in different shades.
Who said only kids are supposed to learn from grownups? Apologizing without any ego or shame is what elders can learn from kids. As we grow up, so does our ego, but it has been observed that people who work with kids are way too far from being egoistic.
While people the world over are bored of working in the same environment and with the same kind of people, you are paid for enjoying your life, living young and having fun. But to begin with, people who work with kids don't seem to be too concerned about their pay; their company is what matters the most.
People who spend more time with kids have to be careful about their language. Use any derogatory word or abusive language, and kids are quick to spot it.
Moreover, they will keep pestering you to explain to them the meaning of those words. Not to mention that if they happen to pick them up (foul language), you can rest assured, they will employ them pronto! If, in case, they know that you uttered a cuss word, then their reaction will prompt you to dig a hole in the ground and hide in it.
When kids start quarreling, the decibel levels can reach a deafening point in no time. But, if you are working with kids, your noise tolerance and patience grow infinitely.
You have no role in that fight (other than being a listening referee) until the kids tire and stop talking to each other. Then, you are left with the task of playing the mediator (which is quite easy), because seeing them creating a ruckus is far better that seeing them sitting glum-faced and idle.
When you are with kids, you too become a kid. Though your childhood was left far behind, you rediscover it. The urge to scribble on the walls; getting excited for small surprises; the habit of giving nicknames; the ambition of becoming an actor, doctor, or engineer; the love for chocolates, pastries, etc., regenerates in you.
The biggest benefit of working with kids is that you stay far from negativity. Stress and tension are not a part of their world, and when you are among them, you forget all your worries. Their innocence, energy, cuteness, and attachment always keeps you enlightened and helps you see life anew with a different approach.