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Telemarketing Manager Job Description

Aastha Dogra
Almost all of us have received calls from telemarketers. Whether it is to sell a product or take our opinion on a particular product, telemarketers call a number of people everyday, on various accounts.
Heading a team of telemarketers, persuading them to give their best shot and make a sale or achieve their pre-decided goal, is the job of a telemarketing manager. When he is out there supervising a team of telemarketers, he performs a number of duties. Given below are the duties and responsibilities of a telemarketing manager.

Job Description of a Telemarketing Manager

A telemarketing manager's main job, as mentioned above, is to lead a team of telemarketers. He is the one who explains the team as well as individual goals to each and every person that works under him. Training his staff on phone etiquette and how to handle phone calls, is an important part of his job.
Motivating the telemarketers, by taking daily meetings, planning some fun games, showing appreciation and deciding on an incentive structure for them, is something that a telemarketing manager does to keep his team's spirits high. In some organizations, a telemarketing manager may be involved in evaluating the performance of his under staff. He might play a big role in deciding on the employee incentives, promotions, transfers, etc.
A telemarketing manager stays in direct touch with the sales department to ensure that his team's goals match with the overall sales goals. Deciding on the work flow, compensation structure for the employees, maintaining a database of potential customers as well as of the regular customers, all these things are undertaken by a telemarketing manager.
In most of the organizations, telemarketers follow a certain script while talking to the potential customers. Sometimes, a telemarketing manager helps in designing this script.
A telemarketing manager supervises the sales team when it is on call with the potential customers. Thereafter, he suggests ways to individual telemarketers on how to improve upon their sales pitch. It is a part of his job to ensure that the team follows up on the clients on a regular basis.
If taking appointments for the field sales team is a part of telemarketer's job, their manager ensures that it is done in time and effectively. Continuously working on improving the telemarketing operations is a part and parcel of a telemarketing manager's work too.

How to Become a Telemarketing Manager?

A person does not require any college or university degree. Although, a course in phone etiquette, human relations, closing and negotiating a sales deal, can help a professional in doing this job well. Otherwise, those who are interested in becoming a telemarketing manager, will have to initially work for a few years as a telemarketer.
After they gain some experience, and if they possess the required leadership, communication, team and people's skills, can look forward to getting promoted as telemarketing managers, in a few years' time. In addition to these skills, one should be good at taking training sessions and motivating others. Technical skills, adequate computer knowledge and the ability to meet deadlines, are a must too.
The salary can vary anywhere between $22,000 to $61,000, depending upon the number of years of experience he has, the place where he is employed in, the size of the company he works at, as well as the industry he is working in. This makes it a reasonably well paid profession. The best part about this job is that it is an in office job, which makes it quite comfortable and probably that's the reason why so many women opt for it.
Moreover, even a high school pass out can work his way up to become a manager in the telemarketing field! So, if the above mentioned duties and salary of a telemarketing manager excite you, go ahead and make a successful career out of it!