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Technical Support Manager Job Description

Puja Lalwani
Here's a look into the job description of a technical support manager, for those vying to get to such a position some day. Take a look.
As the name suggests, a technical support manager is someone who provides technical support to customers and clients who call in with problems regarding a particular product or service, which involves the use of certain type of technology. A technical support manager is someone who leads a group of employees and coordinates their actions to ensure that customers receive impeccable technical support.
In order to perform this job, it is imperative for the technical support manager to have a complete idea of the product or the service that is being offered and the kind of problems that can arise with either. Also, quick problem solving and decision-making skills are the traits of a good technical support manager.

The Job of a Technical Support Manager

A technical support manager typically works in a call center that has been set up to deal with customer queries and complaints. While every query is not answered by the manager, she/he looks into details of the entire process and helps resolve queries that employees may not be able to answer on their own.
Apart from having good problem-solving skills, a technical support manager should also have good communication skills as dealing with customer complaints is not the most rosy job. Diplomacy is the key to dealing with a variety of such customers.
Finally, coordination and organization skills are very important so that the job is carried out impeccably. The duties and responsibilities of a technical support manager include:
  • Familiarizing oneself completely with the product or service that is being offered by the organization.
  • Providing technical support over the phone and by visiting sites.
  • Managing and promoting the help desk that has been provided for customer support.
  • Ensuring that team consultants are performing to the best of their abilities.
  • Providing support to the technical consultants to resolve customer complaints and queries.
  • Creating monthly reports based on team performance and queries and issues resolved or left unresolved.
  • Developing methods and providing suggestions to the organization regarding improvements in technical support.

Education Required to Become a Technical Support Manager

While the required skills of a technical support manager have already been explained, it is important that you understand the kind of educational requirements to become one too. While a bachelor's degree in a computer related field is helpful, it is also a good idea to take subjects in communications, statistics, business, and public speaking.
These are all subjects that help a professional in a management position. Also, a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) degree is the perfect way to complete your education to take up any kind of managerial position.
When you do decide that you wish to attain the position of a technical support manager in the future, choose your industry. In fact, it is better if you get a couple of years of work experience in the industry so that you understand its working, and then pursue an MBA to take up a managerial position in the future.
This combination of work experience and education is ideal to get this kind of job. Finally when this position is attained, pursuing continuing education in the relevant field along with certification procedures will help an individual maintain this position.
The salary of a technical support manager varies based on qualification, experience, industry, and area of work. However, the range may be anywhere between US $50,000 - US $95,000. By pursuing continuing education and working continually in the field and industry, these figures may increase.
The job of a technical support manager comes with great responsibility. However, once you do attain this position, respect it and do it the justice it deserves.