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Technical Project Manager Job Description

Stephen Rampur
A technical project manager needs to possess strong technical as well as practice management skills in order to execute the project before the deadline. Let us get to know a general job description for technical project managers...
Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward. - Joy Gumz
In today's business world, being a multi-skilled professional is very essential to survive the tough job competition. Effective management is very important in an organization which undertakes a task of project completion from clients. This is when the work of a project manager comes into the picture.
Due to business management challenges, project managers are required to be proficient in a wide range of skills. This is crucial if any technical work is involved in the project assignment. Technical project managers play a very important part when there is management as well as technical work required.

Job Description of a Technical Project Manager

A technical project manager is a professional who oversees the work of a technical team, while considering business management aspects. He has to make sure that team members are working on the project, as per the set schedule, with expenses being below the budget.
He has to create technical requirements and document them for the team's guidance. A technical PM has to be adept in working on word processing and spreadsheet applications, and also project management systems. He implements the software life-cycle methodology and ensures quality assurance standards in the work done.
If working in the IT industry, he has to deal with complex database concepts, object-oriented methodologies, and client/server and web system architectures. He may have to use various programming languages and coding for the purpose of resolving complicated project barriers.
If he is providing services in the telecommunications industry, he has to be well aware of real-time communication and video communication and VOIP concepts. He has to pay attention to the client's technical and business requirements in the project.
A technical project manager has to execute tasks as per the requirements of the project and client. Be it any area of work, this expert has to thoroughly understand the full life-cycle of a project and its requirements.
He has to help clients understand all the technical and complex aspects of projects in a simple manner, which aids in clear business communication. Following are some requirements to become a PM in any technical area.

Technical Project Manager Requirements

The first step in becoming a technical project manager is to possess at least a bachelor's degree in fields like computer science, software engineering, information systems, or any other technical field to be worked in. Be it in any area of project management, the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is valued significantly.
Along with the typical project management skills, this specialist needs to possess technical abilities as well. Other common business management skills include qualitative and quantitative analytical skills, problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, interpersonal skills, and leadership qualities. 
In order to get this job, employers normally require you to have a few years of experience in the field with some leadership attributes. Below is some information about the salary range of a technical PM.

Technical Project Manager Salary Range

Classification by Years of Experience

0 to 1 Year: $52,000 - $74,300
1 to 4 years: $70,000 - $90,000
5 to 9 years: $92,000 - $106,000
10 to 19 years: $106,000 - $120,500
20 or more years: $120,000 - $130,000

Classification by Industry

Telecommunications: $70,000 - $108,000
Financial Services: $67,000 - $116,000
Information Technology (IT): $66,000 - $98,000
Aerospace and Defense: $78,000 - $115,500
This is some general information about the technical project manager job description. Remember that job duties may vary as per project requirements and technical domain. Technical project manager jobs require high-skilled and educated professionals to carry out technical projects according to the decided deadline and budget estimates.