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Team Leader Job Description

Rahul Pandita
As the title suggests, a team leader is responsible for leading a group of people to ensure that they perform to the best of their capabilities. Every organization brainstorms to make new plans and strategies, but it is the team leaders who have to ensure that these plans are put to action.
Team leaders are not only responsible for leading their teams in an effective manner, but the onus for finding and grooming new leaders also rests on them. Let us take a detailed look at the job description of a team leader.


A team leader is responsible for communicating the vision of the organization to the employees. It is the duty of a team leader to communicate the goals of the organization to the employees effectively and address all the areas of concern. Some of the other duties and responsibilities of a team leader are:
  • One of the most important responsibilities of a team leader is to ensure that the team achieves targets set by the management. He looks for the areas of improvement and assist his team members so that they perform to their full potential. There are times when monotony creeps in and the team members are not motivated enough to achieve their targets.
  • In these times, the team leader has to act like a mentor and instill confidence in the members of the team. He can conduct team meetings or talk to the team members on a one-to-one basis. So, overall a team leader has to make sure that he is doing everything in his capacity to help the team achieve its targets.
  • A team leader is responsible for passing the feedback from the employees to the management. If employees are not comfortable talking to the management directly, then the team leader has to ensure that these concerns are highlighted. So, we can say that a team leader works as a point of contact for his team members.
  • He has to conduct himself in such a way that he is looked upon as role model by his team members, work to the best of his abilities and set proper examples for his team.
  • He must recognize team members who perform exceptionally and ensure that they are rewarded. It acts as a morale booster for the team and instills a sense of pride and confidence in them.
  • Apart from operations related tasks, he is involved in human-resource related issues of the team like performance reviews, appraisals, etc. A team leader has an important say in selecting people for internal job promotions and lateral movements within the organization. He must be impartial and unbiased to ensure that deserving candidates are selected.
  • The role of a team leader is not limited to working with his team members only, but he is also responsible for developing new ideas and solutions which can help the organization in coming up with new strategies.


New York, Boston and Chicago offer the best opportunities to team leaders. States of New York, Massachusetts and California have the top pay packages and benefits. The salary of a team leader varies with the number of years of experience. Gives here is information about the salary range of team leaders with the number of years of experience.
  • 1-4 years - $26,000 to $83,000
  • 5-9 years - $34,000 to $110,000
  • 10-19 years - $40,000 to $120,000
  • 20 years or more - $43,000 to $150,000
Every team in an organization needs able leadership to get the best results. The role a team leader plays in an organization is very important and essential for ensuring that an organization runs smoothly.