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Survival Tricks for an All-Day Interview

Meghna Wani
Getting enough sleep the night before an interview will help you be active throughout the day. This is one of the most important survival tricks for an all-day interview.

Ask for a Schedule

Don't be afraid, and proactively ask for a schedule of an all-day interview, along with the titles of the people who are going to conduct the interviews. It will show that you are genuinely interested in the company.
Interview jitters - a common fear that almost everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime. We would say that, a little nervousness is understandable, but it should not be allowed to grow unchecked, because if that happens, it will pave the way for failure.
Having said that, let us get to the next step of telling you about the tricks for surviving an interview, especially when it spans the whole day.
One way to deal with it is to accept the fact that you will have to go through the whole process, and there are no two ways about it. So, why not do it with aplomb? In the meanwhile, be mentally prepared for the worst thing that could happen... you could bomb the interview.
However, be prepared to take it as a learning experience, and list out the things that you could do better in the next interview. Even if it was the best opportunity you had waited for, don't behave as if it was the last opportunity on earth.
If you have an all-day interview lined up, and are facing it for the first time, you might be having a lot of questions in your mind. Therefore, we thought of relieving your anxiety, and telling you about a few survival tricks that you can use in your all-day interview.

Arrive Prepared

There is a proper way of preparing yourself for the big day. Like we said earlier, asking for a proper schedule with the names and titles of the people interviewing you, would help you in doing some background research about them.
You can search social network websites to gather more information about them. It will help you to relate with the persons involved. Knowing your audience will boost your confidence.
Get enough sleep, and wake up feeling fresh... raring to go.
Do not skip this step by any means, because in an all-day interview, you will not get a chance to get some shut eye. You will be expected to be agile and brisk all day long.
Stock up on some emergency energy bars in case you don't get time to grab a meal. They will be filling and would also keep your blood sugar levels in check so that you remain alert. Keep some chocolates or candies handy for some quick energy on the go. The idea is to be active, even if you feel tired and sleepy.

Each Mini Interview is Important

For you, it's the whole day, but for each individual interviewer, it's one single stand-alone interview, in which he/she can decide your fate.
Therefore, it is very important for you to remain active and cheerful during each and every mini interview. Based on the schedule that you got earlier, you have to prepare your beginning and end statements.
Carry copies of your resume with you. In the beginning of each interview, greet the interviewer and see if he/she has a copy of your resume. If not, offer a copy of the same. These initial moments would serve as a warm up for the actual session.
If the interview is conducted by your immediate head, or the colleagues of your prospective department, then be sure to end it with a positive statement that reiterates your interest in the position. A statement like, "I look forward to hearing from you", would make your exit a hit.
With the rest, try different closings like, "All the best for the next event." Never close the interview with a simple thank you and rush out. If you simply want to thank, make it grand by saying, "Thanks a lot for scheduling my interview, it was great to meet you." The idea is to make each interviewer realize that he/she just spoke to the best candidate.

Be Prepared for Giving Consistent Answers

You will be asked about your experiences from previous companies.
If you tell the same story to each and every interviewer, when they compare notes, they will be left with no other choice but to think that you didn't learn anything else from the last company. Therefore, when you have a chance to reveal different facets of your personality, why not do it with smartness?
To start with, you can talk about the instance when you increased the sales of a product, to two of the interviewers. To the next one, you can talk about your public-speaking skills, and how you successfully presented a crucial presentation.
To the fourth person, mention your problem-solving skills, and to the next two, you can speak about your participation in extracurricular activities like sports.

The idea is to bring more things to the table. If you just give the same scripted answer to everyone, the interviewers may even think that the one thing that you told everyone could also be made up.

Make Optimum Use of Breaks

Impression matters a lot. You have to be calm and composed at all times. Your potential employer is watching you. If you show disinterest in any of the interviews, you may lose points of that interviewer. Morning interviews will be easy for you, but you are bound to be tired by the afternoons and evenings.
When you are taking a break, you have to utilize those precious minutes to gather your thoughts back. If you are really nervous because the last interview didn't go too well, sit down and try to write the points that make you the most appropriate candidate for the position. By doing this, you will gain your lost confidence.
You could quickly make a note of your achievements or just go through your resume. Take a few deep breaths, and calm your nerves. This point is really important, because, if you present yourself as a person who can handle stressful situations coolly, and can be peaceful at the time of chaos, you'll shine above your competitors who can't.

Choose Food and Beverage Wisely

For this day, you are allowed to ingest your daily dose of coffee, or may be a little more than that too. As the day starts fading away, your adrenaline levels also start decreasing. You find it difficult to gather your thoughts, and might start making mistakes. If coffee is your savior... indulge! It will keep you awake, and in the moment.
If there is no coffee vending machine around, it would be wise to keep a few sachets of instant coffee with you so that you could at least prepare coffee with the hot water from the water dispenser. Whatever your routine pick-me-ups are, should be stocked up that day. You never know what can go wrong.
But if you are allergic to coffee or have blood sugar problems, it is advised to stay away from it. The motto behind advising coffee consumption is simply to keep you on the go. If there are any other things besides coffee or caffeine that lifts your mood, you can stock on that.
As far as food is concerned, choose easy-to-digest meals, and don't eat too much. Eating stomach full will make you drowsy. 'Just-enough' food should suffice for that day.
The last thing you should do is to send a thank-you note within 24 hours of the interview. Even if you didn't get selected, sending a thank-you note would portray you as someone who appreciates the time they spent on interviewing you.