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Supervisor Duties

Kundan Pandey
The duties of a supervisor are mostly related to office management. To know about the essential responsibilities of a supervisor, read on...
Administrative jobs come with a lot of responsibilities, not to mention, hosts of challenges. The need of a multitasking personality coupled with effective communication skills are some essential prerequisites for becoming a supervisor.
This profession is not limited to any specific sector. Supervisors are recruited in a number of organizations for supervising and carrying out certain tasks in collaboration with various departments of the firms. For example, a supervisor can be employed in a hotel to supervise the trainees or may be hired by a firm to guide/assist new employees in the firm.
Supervisors are also hired for warehouses to make a written record of all the articles and items that are transacted from the warehouse.
The interpretation of the term "supervisor" can be many, but generally, these professionals supervise the first-level employees for their work, productivity, and performances.

Duties of a Supervisor

Being Involved in Office and Employee Policies

  • An integral part of the duties of the supervisor is to ascertain that the employees follow office policies and procedures in a disciplined manner.
  • He must discuss any disciplinary issues in terms of office leave, office timings, over-time, and other factors with the employee.
  • If these are not rectified by the employee, the issues need to be reverted to the management.
  • The supervisor must also ensure that the policies and procedures of the firm are conveyed to the employees.

Taking Care of Employee Needs

  • An important facet of the supervisor job description is that he/she has to be vigilant enough to understand the needs of employees in the office and must make arrangements to ensure that the employees can work with comfort and ease.
  • The necessary accessories, like stationery, desk, fax machine, etc., must be timely available to the employees.
  • He is expected to establish a good communication network with the employees.
  • In case some new positions are required in the firm, supervisors can inform the management.
  • They are also involved in the selection of the employees, as they help the management in the process of job application, resume reviews, and conducting the job interviews.

Training the Employee

  • The supervisors, in collaboration with the human resource department, train the new employees about the work culture and office norms.
  • They also act as counselors in guiding the employees about their future growth and skill improvement techniques.
  • The supervisor also looks out for employee performance and ensures that the employees have no problem in executing their responsibilities and achieving their allotted targets.

Supervisor Average Salary

The average supervisor salary range varies as per the industry. In general, they are paid an median salary between $35,206 - $74,826. Initially, the salary may vary between $49,000 to $51,000. With experience, the figure may go up to $75,000. In fact, salaries may range up to more than $85,000, again, depending on the employment sector.
The career development path for the supervisors is brilliant. After working for a few years, they can move on to handle larger responsibilities of the firm.
A good supervisor must have skills, like patience, maturity. and excellent communication so that the duties are effectively carried out. A career as a supervisor is definitively a test of one's administrative and management skills.