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Summer Opportunities for High School Students

Saptakee Sengupta
There are a lot of job opportunities for high school students during summer vacations. They can go for part-time jobs to earn some extra money. If you're on the lookout of such jobs, this information should be of help.
Summer vacation is the right time to look for part-time jobs. These jobs don't only allow students to earn some extra money, but also give them exposure to different avenues.
In most states, high school students who have crossed the age of 16, are allowed to legally hold a job. Students can learn important things while on the job. This experience will help them in their future endeavors. They can also save the money to bear college expenses.

How and Where to Find Summer Jobs

Students who are really interested to work in the summer, should make a list of different things they like to do. This will help them find a job that is suitable to them. These things can include interacting with people, doing charity, teaching, etc. The entire process of research, interview, and selection depends on a particular student's skills.
There are a few sectors that hire students for just a few months. Students can approach retail outlets, restaurants, amusement parks, recreation departments, and or the hospitality sector. These fields give opportunities to high school students who are looking for part-time jobs.
After forwarding your application, you will be called for an interview. Job portals like coolsummerjobs, coolworks, snagajob, and craigslist offer several opportunities. Once you get selected, you can mention the date of joining. This way, you can procure a job.

List of Summer Jobs for High School Students

Library Management

Many libraries hire students to arrange book shelves and keep a record of books. They might also ask you to take care of general clerical tasks and will pay you according to the type of job.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks allow students to operate rides and collect tickets. This is a very active field. They also give the responsibility of serving drinks and food. They pay well and the atmosphere you work in is great.

Retail Store

Retail outlets like departmental stores, fashion boutiques, and discount houses offer students the opportunity to earn. They allow teens to work on part-time basis. You can even learn how to deal with different types of customers, which is quite interesting.

Restaurant Serving

Working in restaurants and fast food centers has always been popular among teens. You can serve food for sometime or become a delivery boy. They even allow you to manage tables or garnish cuisines.


Approach your nearest movie theater and talk to the owner. You might get the opportunity to work inside the theater; this might include anything from collecting tickets to maintaining the hall's cleanliness.

Helping The Old

If you are eager to help old people, you can always be their caretaker. There are old age homes and senior centers that are constantly in the need of supporters. Approach the authorities and get hired for sometime.

Camp Counselor

If you have experience in camping, you can always help the young ones during their summer camps. You can also get in touch with national parks for similar vacancies.


This is one of the most amusing jobs, although mostly preferred by girls. There are ample child care opportunities. Working families always look for caretakers. You will be paid according to your performance and the type of help you are lending.

Pet Care

If you are fond of pets, you can take care of other people's pets while they're on a vacation. It becomes more of a fun activity, than an actual job.

Backyard Maintenance

This is one of the best ways to earn money during summer vacation. You can take the responsibility to maintain landscapes, gardens, and lawns. Some information or prior experience in gardening will come to your advantage.
This should help you to choose the right job for yourself. Utilize this summer vacation to fill your pocket with some money.