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Summer Jobs Working With Kids

Rujuta Borkar
Love kids and want to work with them as a part of your summer job? Then you'll need options that involve working with kids. Read the following article for the needed information.
Some people are just so natural around kids, have you noticed? They are able to handle kids so well and the kids love them like they are a natural extension of themselves. If you are one of them, love kids, and love spending time with them, then a great option to look into is that of taking up summer jobs working with children.
That way, not only do you get time to spend with them, but also get paid for doing something that you like doing. In this following section, we will be giving you the much-needed information on the different options that are available in this area.

Campsite Workers

There are so many summer camps happening during the summer that there should be no dearth of opportunities and choices. All you have to do is become a part of that summer camp and help out with the activities there.
Depending on the age group of kids, you can decide the camp that you want to join. Certain camps have select activities that they have already organized and you are only expected to help out with those, while others allow you the opportunity to plan certain things. These can involve taking the kids trekking, helping them with crafts, teaching swimming, etc.

Camp Counselors

Another job working with kids is that of being a counselor. For this though one has to have a special way to be able to handle kids and their problems.
Certain camps will offer training programs for this post, so if you're keenly interested in this aspect of dealing with kids, you can surely look into this as a summer job as well as a part of summer internship. Many people experience extreme satisfaction at being able to help children by solving their problems.

Day Care Teacher

If you have that slight intellectual bend of mind and you feel that teaching comes naturally to you, then picking up the option of working as a day care teacher is always great. One can also become a sports teacher, for that matter, and help as a substitute. You can make this one a career working with children as well.

Amusement Park Worker

Yet another fun and a highly entertaining job that involves working with kids. Help with any of the stalls at a carnival or amusement park and you'll be thronged by children. A little bit of madness might follow, but anything for the love of kids, right?


One of the most popular choices when it comes to summer jobs working with kids. All you need are your skills at handling children and maybe a certificate to prove your credentials (The Red Cross Society offers a certificate course on babysitting for teenagers.) After which, all you have to do is spread the word around.


Another great option to look into is that of a lifeguard. Or even a swimming instructor. There's kids and there's the water. Always, always fun and one of the best part-time jobs working with children.

Hobby Classes

Come summer, and there are scores of hobby classes that come up―painting, dancing, singing, flower making, candle making, etc. If you have any of these above-mentioned skills then you can put up these classes and teach kids some skills while getting to spend time with them.

Activity Classes

Another fun option in the jobs working with children category is to either organize or help out with activity classes. You know, where the parents sign their children up for a day of fun and activities? Like when there are a mix of games, crafts, dance and such and such? This is another fun way to interact with kids and work with them.
Summer jobs working with kids there are many, all you have to do is find something that you are interested in and just get into it whole and soul. And the fact that there are kids around will make the task much more enjoyable for you.