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Summer Job Ideas for Teenagers and College Students

Madhura Pandit
Summer jobs provide teenagers and students an opportunity to earn and enhance their knowledge simultaneously. You can find jobs in numerous fields like teaching, tourism, language schools, child care, hospitality, sports, retail offices, agriculture, etc.
Several types of summer jobs and internship programs are available for high school and college students. The experience you get at a summer job will be beneficial in your future career. It is observed that employers hardly hire people without experience. Summer jobs will give you financial independence and give an experience certificate.

Summer Job Ideas for Students

Internships / Apprenticeships

Financial institutions may offer internship programs for college students with related education. It is difficult to be placed in this field because they really require high qualification, but, pay handsomely. You can still try to locate an internship program and send in your resume. It will benefit you a lot in future to have such an experience.

Cooking / Baking

If you love cooking and baking, starting your own part-time business is a wonderful option. You can take in small-scale party food orders, or sell your specialty dish at food stalls, etc. You can be creative and also earn a lot of money. It will definitely help you, if you are considering making a career in the food industry.


High school and college students can also have summer jobs in fields like photography, freelance writing, animation and web design. It will be a delightful experience if you have the necessary skills. As these are creative fields, working here will literally be like turning a hobby into a profession.

Tutoring / Translator

You can also work at tutoring services offering language or music lessons in summer. There are several institutions offering short-term language learning courses where you can work as an instructor. If you are fluent in foreign languages, you can consider working as a freelance interpreter or translator.


Working as an assistant or junior ranger will give you an opportunity to work in remote camp areas. You can assist in forest management, maintenance, and biodiversity projects. It is a great experience for teenagers fond of forest and wildlife. National parks also require computer technicians, accountants, etc. Therefore, you can even apply for the same.

International Internships

There are even international job opportunities for many related fields for college students. You can get an opportunity to work in a university, to work as a teacher in countries where English language is taught as a second language, etc.
You will get to know different people and cultures. It is an exciting opportunity; but, also an expensive one. You will need to plan well in advance for that. But, if you can make it, it will be a highlighting point in your CV.

IT Support

Computer experts, IT technicians are always in demand in several companies, colleges, institutions, etc. You can begin by inquiring in your own college as there may be a vacancy or requirement for the post. At the same time, working as a computer programming expert can also be a cool summer job.

Nonprofit Organizations

If simply making money is not your goal, you can also look for jobs or internships at nonprofit organizations and NGO. You can take up any cause that you like and work for them. Your work profile will usually include taking part in campaigns or collecting signatures and support from people.
Apart from this, you can also work in retail industries, in food industries; or as a entry-level sales intern, as a receptionist, typist, entry-level business administrator, childcare assistant, hairdresser, front staff at hotels; freelance in jewelry designing, forum building (online), etc.
You may even find jobs at census office or other government offices. Working as a sports or summer camp instructor is also a good option. In some cases, it might even be possible for you to continue the job even after the summer. You can attend college during the day, and work for a few hours in the evening or at weekend.

Benefits of Summer Jobs

  • It will always be helpful to find an internship program or part-time job in the field that you have chosen for your future career. That way, you will have in-depth knowledge about your field.
  • A summer job is the best medium for networking and for building contacts.
  • Money management, taxes and finances are best learned when you actually work, earn your paycheck, pay your tax, etc.
  • An international internship has various added benefits: it expands your resume, exposes you to new culture and can also impart new knowledge and skills.
All you have to do is, look out for advertisements in newspapers and contact related organizations or universities immediately. You can even enroll in staffing agencies beforehand, as, here you will be exposed to several openings and options.
Teenagers, pursuing their first job, should not be anxious, because once you start, you will enjoy working and earning. A summer job will be like a stepping stone for your career. Good luck!