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Summer Jobs for Teachers

Deepa Kartha
There are many teachers who like to work even during the vacations to enhance their teaching skills, pursue other interests, or just earn some extra bucks. While some would like to take up a full-time job, there are others who would prefer to work part-time to enjoy their vacations.
There are a variety of jobs available, which can be categorized according to one's interests and needs.

Private Tuition

There are many students who need extra care and attention to learn certain subjects and you can surely help them out by taking private tuition.
Tutoring jobs are the most easiest ones you can lay your hands on. Moreover, you would be doing something that you love and know thoroughly. It will also help you get ready for the next academic year. Besides, the money paid is also good and may be more than what you earn as a teacher.

Summer Classes

If you are an outdoor person and like the company of young children, then get involved with summer camps arranged by community centers.
You could become a camp counselor and organize fun games and activities for children or opt for an administrative or supervisory role. You can also find a job at schools which organize summer classes for students. This job will definitely suit you, as it is something that you know best.

Foreign Language Tutor

If you have the knowledge of a foreign language, you can think of taking up a job abroad. For instance, if you are a German teacher at school, you can take up a job to teach English as a second language for students in Germany.
This opportunity could not only open doors for you, to see a new country and know more about its people and culture, but also enhance your teaching experience to an international level.

Fitness Trainer

If you are a physical education trainer at school, you can take up the responsibility of coaching children some sport.
Many parents are passionate about their child's health and fitness, and a personal fitness trainer is just what they are looking for. A trainer could encourage and educate their kids on various exercising benefits and healthy eating habits.

Content Writing

The boom of Internet has brought forth a variety of jobs that can be done in a relaxing home environment. People who have a passion for writing can opt for freelancing, where website companies pay people to write online articles for them.
Another option to work from home is taking online surveys given by different companies. These jobs can be done anytime and at your own pace.

Creative Jobs

If you are looking to earn some extra money, there are loads of jobs available that may interest you. If numbers amuse you or you are a math teacher, why not try something different this summer and take up a job as an accountant.
Apply for jobs that give you creative satisfaction like landscape gardening, working at a restaurant or a day care center, etc.
These are a couple of activities, that can help you spend your summer vacation in a constructive way. Opting to work during summer vacations will not only assist you to explore new areas of interests, but also enhance your experience and at the same time, benefit you monetarily.