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Summer Jobs for Kids

Sourabh Gupta
In summer holidays, kids either like to go on vacations, enjoy playing sports, or hunt for summer jobs to earn extra cash. For instance ,a car wash is the coolest summer job, as they can play with water in the hot summers, and require basic things like buckets, towels, car soaps, etc
Summer jobs are priceless; apart from being a good source of pocket money it also teaches kids how to be responsible and manage money the right way. The sooner they understand it, the better it is for them and their family.
The most important part is to enjoy the work they do, i.e., earn while having fun. These jobs also help them boost their self-confidence, which in a way, contributes to their successful future.

Few Interesting Summer Jobs


A lot of institutes offer various courses where a teen can get babysitting certificates. The Red Cross conducts classes for 11-15 year olds. Another better option is to become your mother's helper. This way, a child can learn most of the babysitting tricks and techniques from the mother herself.
A teen can play with the younger ones while his/her mom is busy with other work. He/she can help in laundry and doing the dishes. Preparing light meals could also be a part of the job.

Pet Care

If your child loves playing with animals, pet caring is the right job for him/her. But, it also requires a lot of patience and energy to control the pets.
The jobs in this category include pet grooming, walking dogs, or pet sitting. Walking or feeding a dog will help the child learn some responsibility.

Yard Work

Commercial yard mowing services charge around 100 dollars for half an acre, which is too costly, but a teen can easily earn up to 25-30 dollars for half an acre.
No gardening equipment is required, as people generally provide all the needed tools and material for gardening. This type of work may include: weeding, raking the trimmings for trash collection, cleaning old leaves from plants, watering plants, etc.

Lemonade Stall

A little different job than the regular one, but holding a lemonade stall could be fun and exciting for kids. Your child would learn how to set a price per cup and run the show, thus, learning some business tactics.
A lemonade stand is easy to set up and the ingredients for lemonade are easily available and cheap. He/she could yield some extra penny out of this.

Few More Ideas for Kids

✔ Distributing flyers
✔ Delivering newspapers
✔ Washing windows at the pumps
✔ Buying grocery for the neighbors
✔ Helping younger kids learn basics about computers
✔ Wearing clown costumes in birthday parties

Points to Remember

✔ Always give your best
✔ Be courteous
✔ Work hard
✔ A good job done may get you referrals for additional work
✔ Never whine
✔ Enjoy whatever job you take up
No advertising is needed. The best way to make people know that your child is available for work in summer is by word of mouth. Other ways of advertising can be through local newspapers and websites.
Parents should know where the child is working and ensure that their child is safe, but at the same time, keep in mind that their job is their business. Hence, do not intervene with your suggestions and ideas. Let them show their creativity.