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Summer Jobs for 16 Year Olds

Aparna Jadhav
If you're done with high school and are looking for a summer job, you have come to the right place. Take a look at some interesting summer jobs for 16 year olds, mentioned here.
Summer is undoubtedly, a great time to go for a vacation, have parties and enjoy your holiday. But it is also a great time to earn a few extra bucks for yourself by doing summer jobs.
Once high school is over and you are preparing for college, you have to think about paying your own college fees. Getting into the habit of working and earning on your own, surely helps in the future.
There are many good things you learn with these summer jobs. They help you do something for others, keep you busy, teach responsibility and pay you enough to pull off your own expenses. So, if you are getting so many things by putting some extra effort which will pay you eventually, why not do it?

Good Jobs for Summer Vacations

16 year olds don't have to wear suits and sit in meetings giving opinions to the board! At this age, all you have to do is, think about earning while you learn. Considering that you are still a student and have to complete college with good grades so, someday you will sit in board meetings and for now, you can start from scratch!
Thus, summer jobs are generally part-time jobs or just for a few hours, so you don't need to ask dad for allowance. To help you, we have compiled a few job options, which you can choose from.

Customer Service at Stores

There are many grocery and hardware stores which need youngsters to provide services like bagging and packing for their customers. Thus, you can start by going hunting to such stores and requesting them to help you out.
Most of the grocery stores around America offer customer service jobs like these to 16 year olds, as during summers, many of their staff members go for a vacation. Thus, to fill in for them, stores give young boys and girls a chance, as a part-time or even a full-time job.


The most famous and well-known profession meant for 15 and 16 year olds is babysitting. This is one of the easiest jobs and you could get paid for it on hourly basis. All you need for this job is a good reputation, availability and parents who need babysitters.
With this job, you can do your own work while watching the baby, it is a convenient and part-time job and you can get paid with a good amount of money. Once the parents start trusting your work, they will keep asking for your service. These are very convenient summer jobs for high school students.


Another great summer job is to tutor kids younger than you. If you enjoy studying as well as teaching someone, you can offer your services to children below your age group or those who need a good teacher.
For such teaching jobs, you have to tutor someone at home, so, you get a peaceful environment, facilities to teach and it is not very hectic for a part-time job as well.
The most common subjects that teens need help with are math, science, foreign languages and English. Since, you are a 16 year old and have experience of studying these subjects, you might like to teach someone younger than you.

Library Shelver

Even if you don't like to read much, a library can help you with your summer job! Libraries often need help with sorting out books, arranging them in order, alphabets, subjects and categories in their respective shelves. They need young boys and girls who can climb and are active to work in a library. So, you can definitely look for a job like this.

Summer Camps

If you love kids, there is another job which you would love to do, and that is working at a summer camp. Summer camp jobs are very interesting and fun, as you have to keep a close watch on the kids, take care of their habits and make sure they are safe.
Helping your superiors around the camp area is also one of the job criteria. In short, it is kind of babysitting at summer camps and this job is full-time for the duration of the camp. Doesn't that sound fun?

Other Part Time Jobs


In restaurants

Car washer

Gift Wrapping



Lawn mowing


Dog Walking

Snow Shoveling

Paper boy/girl

With these multiple and interesting summer jobs, you must have found something that you would like to do! Thus, take up a summer job and collect that extra cash, as it is a great feeling to hold that first check in your hands.