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Summer Internships for High School Students

Leena Palande
Today, different types of internships are avaible in almost every field. For example, Summer Internships for high school students which are either paid or unpaid internships. Read on to know what is expected from you in an internship.
Not only college students but also high school students can apply for an internship in summer vacation. An internship is a very good opportunity for getting trained in a field of your choice. 
Summer internships for high school students, in fact, provide an easy way to develop the skills and knowledge that is required for earning sufficient money. It is an efficient way of learning communication skills. This kind of job helps students learn how to recognize and appreciate work of others.
Improvement in the knowledge of professionalism related to a particular field, helps students fix their priorities. Summer internship can be the stepping stone on your way towards becoming the person you aspire to.

Internships for Students

Internship gives you an insight into the work field and position, that may be available when you graduate. High school students can try for full or part-time internships, they can opt for paid and unpaid positions.
No matter what your field of interest is, (advertising, marketing, architecture, culinary, restaurant management, education, entrepreneurship, event planning, fashion, film-television, finance, fashion, health-care, music, journalism, law, photography, etc.) a professional internship can help you make more informed decisions about your future.
If you are worried about how to get an internship, rest assured that there are many sites online informing about the available internship positions in various cities.
Remember, bigger the city, more will be the number of available internships for students. You may attend career fairs, directly contact the employers, or you may use your network to get an internship.

Preparing for Summer Internships

Paid internships for students help them enjoy financial independence. It's not at all difficult to make some extra money while having fun during summer vacation. If you are a high school student, then before applying for a paid internship, you may consult your teachers, as they will be able to guide you in the best way in this regard.
Students interested in home or office decoration can approach an interior designing firm or students who are fond of photography or acting, can approach an advertising firm. If you are interested in learning new cultures, you can apply for a paid internship abroad. This can help widen your horizon in educational, cultural and professional fields.
You need to prepare well for the interview. You may study the internship interview questions, available on the Internet. You should prepare a proper resume that contains your educational qualification, information on what you are studying and what are your interests.
Resume writing is an art. You should mention the purpose behind applying for an internship. You should explain why you are applying and how you can deliver a good performance at your workplace. You should state how the internship is going to benefit you. You should mention all the things that can create a good impression about yourself.
Now, when it comes to the amount you are going to earn, you should be satisfied with whatever you are getting. The certificate earned after the successful competition of the internship is much more valuable as it can help you secure jobs in good companies, once you acquire your degree.
The internship experience is counted when you apply for a proper job after completing your education. With good working experience, you would be able to command good salary, later on.
Unpaid internships are as significant as paid internships. For high school students, unpaid or free summer internships are available in innumerable fields like animal care, dog grooming, computer science, entertainment (amusement parks, national parks) and gourmet cooking, etc.
There are several good reasons why parents should encourage their teen to pursue an internship.
Benefits of Summer Internships
  • The student can get admission in a A-grade college on the basis of the work experience.
  • High school internships help you prepare and perform better during college internships. An internship helps boost your confidence and self esteem.
  • High school students can gain real-life experience in a professional setting. Watching the impact of their work on customers/co-workers can be rewarding for them.
  • Students come to know how an organization actually operates. Internship is the only way to gain work experience and it helps increase the depth of their knowledge.
  • High school students can explore different career options and check out the career before they commit to the college degree program. The students might come across other better career options during an internship.
  • An internship provides real-time, practical, hands-on work experience and employers are usually more interested in and impressed by your work experience than your degrees or diplomas. Offering internships to prospective candidates is a way of finding new staff.
  • Students can make use of the valuable networking contacts which usually open doors for them later in college and professionally. An internship helps you know the difference between theoretical and practical knowledge and how to combine theory with the practical.
It is baffling why internships for high school students are not taken seriously by parents and students. Traditionally, 'an internship' is usually thought to be reserved for college students. Actually, high-school students should feel themselves lucky as more and more companies are opening their doors to them and they are getting scope to show their talent.