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Summer Camp Jobs for High School Students

Girija Shinde
A summer camp is one of the best places to spend a vacation. It is also a good place to earn money for high-school students.
One can earn extra pocket money by working during the summer vacation, even if it is for a few hours a day. There are many summer camps that need young volunteers, with many available positions. The best idea is to volunteer in a camp of your interest.
For example, if you are interested in adventure, you should pick a trekking camp. You can also join one for arts and crafts if your interest lies in drawing, painting, and the like. Let us have a look at some options that you can choose from.

Kids Counselors

Counselors are in demand in most camps. Though the title sounds a bit intimidating, the job profile is fun. You need to be easygoing in nature and have the ability to deal and get along with kids. Like any other counselor, you're supposed to support and solve emotional problems of kids like homesickness or peer trouble.
One is expected to behave like an elder brother or sister. However, if you are impatient or don't have the ability to comply to constant demands, then this job may not be the best choice for you.


Lifeguards are a great help, as most of the summer camps include swimming activities. However, you need to have a lifeguard certificate for this job; merely knowing how to swim will not help. You can undergo training and acquire a certificate in a few months.
Besides, swimming instructor positions are also a good option. They work under the lifeguards. If you do not want to undergo training for a certificate, you can work as a swimming instructor, instead.


One of the major reasons why kids are enrolled in summer camps is to learn something new. There are many activities one can participate in like drawing, painting, mimicry, craft making, pottery, river rafting, bird watching, etc.
Many organizers are unable to hire experienced teachers for these activities, so they search for teenagers who can teach. If you are good at any of the aforementioned activities, you will definitely find a job. If you have a certificate, do carry it with you, as it will give you an upper hand.

Other Posts

There are many other posts like manager, assistant manager, staff instructor, coordinator etc., for which volunteers are needed. In most cases, these jobs are open for high-school students and teenagers. So, before inquiring about any post, find out about the higher posts available, as they get paid more.
Start preparing and applying for it a few months in advance, as many others will be in search of similar jobs.