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Exciting Jobs in Summer Camps for College Students

Aastha Dogra
Do you want to know the ideal way to spend a summer vacation? Enlisted here are some of the jobs offered at summer camps, along with the skills required.
During summers, most college students want to invest their time wisely by taking up a job. It is usually seen that companies prefer hiring college graduates who have some kind of work experience, over complete freshers. That's why students take up various jobs during these holidays, to gain knowledge and experience in a professional environment.
Some of the popular summer jobs are working as waiters, babysitters, store assistants, delivery boys/girls, interns, and summer camp jobs. Out of these options, the kind of experience, exposure, variety, and learning which summer camps can provide, are second to none.

Job Options

  • In summer camps, a number of activities, ranging from art and crafts to dramatics, music, and sports, are conduced on a daily basis. So, all those who are interested in teaching and have the required skills, can work as art instructors, music and dance teachers, sports coaches, and drama teachers.
  • Those with a streak of adventure in them can consider taking up jobs that require them to work as a trainer or instructor for activities such as rock climbing, hiking, survival in the wild, mountain cycling, stilt walking, etc.
  • There are administrative jobs available in a camp as well. They require staff to man the office, canteen, camp shop, lost and found desk, and mail room.
  • Even senior positions such as program director, assistant director, office manager, and general camp counselor may be open to students.
  • For those holding a driving license, there are jobs available such as bus drivers, truck drivers, transportation supervisors, etc.
  • Those who love to cook can take up positions in the kitchen such as cooks, bakers, or helpers. These camps also require maintenance staff such as electricians, plumbers, or carpenters.
  • Certain camps are organized only for adolescent girl scouts and have jobs available for female students. So, for those who would like to act as a mentor and role model to these young girls, it is a good option.
  • Some camps are especially organized for children belonging to underprivileged communities. Such jobs are ideal for those who want to make a difference to someone's life and give back to society.
The basic requirement for such jobs is the ability to interact with children of all ages and also to cultivate a certain liking for them. Students learn immensely about working in teams, problem solving, organizing, and managing projects.
Many camps are organized out of town, so students get an opportunity to break the monotony of everyday life and explore new places. In addition to this, they offer competitive salaries as well as accommodation, making them the ideal and most sought after jobs for college students.