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Stress-free Jobs That Pay Well

Kundan Pandey
Stress is a part and parcel of our lives. At work, we happen to experience it frequently due to deadlines and long hours of work. What constitutes the category of stress-free jobs? Does anything like that even remotely exist in the professional world? Can we earn decent salaries without experiencing stress?
Stress is a part of ANY job. But we know that the stress experienced in some jobs can be relatively lesser than other professions, due to the basic differences in such jobs. Moreover, it is true that even the most serene and apparently perfect jobs can be very stressful at times.
Mostly, it is not the stress of the job, but our response to it that makes stress unbearable or bearable. Some jobs can be your dream work, but you can be stressful about the salary aspect.
It is our perception of how we define stress-free jobs. It is we who have to define what is stressful for us and what we can't do, no matter what the rewards.
Hence, in this world, the notion of stress-free jobs is just non-existent. It is completely our individual perception. So, how come we talk about jobs without stress in this story? Well, let us dwell deeper into this subject.

General Perception of Stress-free Jobs

It takes years of experience and self-understanding to really find our ultimate career goals. For some of us, we are able to decide early in our life and for others, it takes time and lots of introspection. Generally, in the society, stress-free jobs are associated to doing something one likes to do, most of the time.
So, if you are really passionate about dancing, you would like to be a choreographer in the future. If you are into music totally, you would like to be a musician someday. If you're strong in academics, you may want to pursue a career in the teaching field.
With the choice of a career you make, you'll automatically choose the struggle and perseverance it takes to be successful in that specific field. So, eventually even your favorite work will be stressful, but yes, when you do that work, you'll handle the stress with more patience and ease.
In this story, hence, we have listed jobs that even though can be stressful, you chose to do it because you love to do it. We are aware that these jobs will demand ceaseless hard work initially and they are very stressful, owing to the physical labor and competitiveness.
However, the creative and self-absorbing nature of these jobs are equally satisfying as the stress one has to endure in the process.

Yoga Instructors

Yoga and meditation, two precious gifts of the Eastern philosophy to the world have become a necessity in today's life. The yogic and breathing exercises have been reported to cure various diseases and are a boon for achieving holistic health.
From the Times Square in New York to the nook and corner of the world, there has been a heightened awareness among the people about the magical effects of yoga and breathing exercises.
No doubt, this has created a demand of trained professionals who can instruct the layman for practicing these exercises. Yoga is a natural stress reliever. It soothes the nerves and gives a feeling of well-being. A yoga instructor enjoys flexibility in working schedule and derives satisfaction by helping clients in a holistic way. Besides these, the yoga instructors hired by corporate firms are offered additional perks of accommodation, food, and travel expenses. Yoga instructors work in gyms, training institutes, and even run their own centers.

Tour Guide

Being a tourist guide is an interesting profession especially, for people who love traveling and have a deep interest in history and geography.
Right from guiding tourists to helping them understand the cultural and historical significance of a place, tour guides enjoy an interesting lifestyle. Definitely, in peak tourist seasons, the work pressure can be very high, but that is the challenging part of this job.


For all book lovers, spending time in the library is no less than a treat. Being a librarian, amidst ages of wisdom compiled in books, is also a stress-free job.
Not only the silence of the library is peaceful, arranging books, helping others find suitable books, and keeping the library updated with the latest magazines and books is a great way to spend time.
Although, librarians may at times find their jobs drab and repetitive, it requires continuous attention and focus to maintain a silent atmosphere in the library. Nevertheless, certainly a peaceful job for those who love to do it.

Technical Writers

The field of technical writing is extremely rewarding though not completely devoid of stress. However, those who love to write on technical topics, latest gadgets, can find their calling in this profession. Technical writers may have to face deadlines.
However, working in a cool environment with flexible work timings, makes technical writing an interesting profession. Since technical writers need computers or notepads to work, they can opt for freelancing work from home as well.

Massage Therapist

The exponential rise of the investments in spa and skin industry has created the demand of trained professionals like massage therapists. Massage therapists are the people who tend to clients and customers visiting their centers, by giving massage therapy.
Flexible job timings, nice working atmosphere and the fact that you are helping someone de-stress are a few of the many benefits of being a massage therapists. Massage therapists work in skin care centers, spas and health care centers.

Content Writer

In the recent years, content writing has become an interesting profession for those who are interested in using their writing skills to earn money.
If you have a flair to pen down your words and you love researching on any topic, you can write effective articles and make good money. All you need to ensure is that your content is original, well-researched, and error free.
Those who are concerned with the financial aspects of the above mentioned jobs must understand that success in these fields come after years of work. Once successful, money and the rest of the things follow easily.
As aforementioned in the story, it is always good to follow your heart and choose something that goes well with your aptitude and interest, as you'll able to excel in such jobs easily, minimizing stress or enduring it with peaceful mind.
This is especially true in fields like arts, acting, painting, music, and sports. If you truly love what you do, coping with stress, even if it is intense, can be easier. Hopefully, you have been able to understand what exactly constitutes the genesis of a stress-free job. Wishing you all the best for a bright career!


This story does not in any way undermine the busy, financially tough, hectic, and often stressful life that the professionals of these jobs have to face in their daily lives.