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Strange Jobs That Pay Well

Stephen Rampur
We all have heard of the traditional well-paying jobs, but in a grim economic scenario such as the current one, these are the jobs which get impacted the most. You may want to consider some of the strange jobs listed here, which surprisingly can pull in a pretty penny.
Apart from the world of business, which involves buying and selling of goods, working with technology, or handling machines, there are some strange jobs that also pay well. People might work in these jobs to either earn some additional income or to utilize their hobbies and interests.

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These opportunities may not be easily apparent, and therefore, one must have the determination, willingness to take risks, and some luck. Also, some of these jobs may only last for a short while. Here are some options for you to consider.

Ethical Hacker

These are technologically-advanced computer experts who work for good, and possess the skills of hacking into any network. Ethical hackers work for companies who want to make sure that the security of their network is flawless. These experts guide companies in making their system stronger and prevent illegal hacking.

House Mom

House moms are people working in clubs or bars who look after every requirement of the performers and coordinate their stage appearances. Common tasks include enforcing the club rules, grooming the dancers, ensuring proper meals for them, and even cleaning dressing rooms.
A house mom working in a busy club may earn anywhere near USD 60,000 annually.


Flavorists identify appealing flavors from nature and try to make them artificially in a laboratory. These experts are mainly hired by food and perfume manufacturing companies. In order to get into this career, you need to have an educational background in chemistry and also a sense for taste and fragrances.

Gum Buster

The main duty of a gum buster is to clean chewing gum stuck on the ground or anywhere else, to maintain cleanliness. He is provided with a gum busting machine that will remove the gum from the surface. Gum busters may earn around USD 400 for just a few hours work.


Guinea-piggers are those who are subjected to experiments, testing, or investigative procedures for the purpose of ascertaining whether something is fit for humans. The products tested on them can range from cosmetics, food supplements, hygiene, drugs and medicines, surgery, etc. Remember, this career is only meant for the really tough guys who like to risk themselves.

Chicken Sexer

Formally, a chicken sexer is referred to as an agricultural product sorter. However, their primary role is to check if the gender of the chick is male or female and separate the two sexes. Generally, those who work with animals or in zoos may prefer this type of a job.

Club Host and Hostess

Hosts and hostesses are young good looking men and women, who are hired to provide company to guests in clubs. They greet the patrons, escort them to a table, walk around the establishment and make sure the guests are enjoying themselves, and the staff are doing their job. The salary range depends on a variety of factors, but may even go in six figures, which also includes handsome tips!

Snake Milker

Snake milkers are professionals who have a liking for working with snakes. Their main task is to remove and collect venom from the reptile and hand it over for making anti-venom. These experts may work in zoos, snake parks, and other animal research facilities.

Whiskey Ambassador

This would probably be the best job for whiskey lovers or experts. The whiskey ambassador updates the clients about the type of whiskey they are about to taste and the proper way of tasting them. To get this job, you need to pass the basic prerequisite of being over a certain age limit.