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Steps to Become a Teacher

Naomi Sarah
The steps to become a teacher are fairly simple, especially if you feel the need to impart knowledge and the hope of a bright future to your students. Learn about how you can become a teacher by going through the right resources to get you to this position.
To be a teacher is not a simple career path to pursue, seeing that you'd have to cater to a classroom of sorts.
There's a lot of responsibility on your part when it comes to how effectively you can pass on knowledge in a way that is simple when complex, and easy to follow by projects and submissions that you can shrewdly put together to get the most out of your pupils.
Teachers have a lot of things to oversee like behavior, performance, group participation, interaction with other classmates and how they conduct themselves in school. How you are able to be multitask when it comes to these areas, is truly a gift more than a skill.

What You Need to Qualify As a Teacher

Research and Evaluation

The first thing to do is decide which area in the education system would do well for you to take up and teach. Are you going to teach history? Or social science, drama, art, music or choose to be a physical therapist for students?
First find out where your strongest abilities lie and then make a conscious decision to take it up. Also learn about the educational system when it comes to which level of education you'd like to be a part of. Is it pre-school, elementary or high school? Once you find your forte, you can then take up the degree that is best suited to your choice.

Meet Teachers from Different School Bodies

Meeting the faculty of a school would give you in-depth and first hand knowledge of what teaching is like, what is expected of you and what to be prepared for.
Interview them during recess or find out when they aren't busy teaching a class, and delve into the root of the matter with different school teachers right from pre-school to high school. In that way you broaden your perspective on what different teaching areas are like, and find one which is more suitable for you.

Get an Appropriate Bachelor's Degree After Certification Research

Different states have varied guidelines when it comes to the requirements of a teacher, depending on which level you choose to teach and which subject you plan on covering. Based on that, the certifications will vary, even considering how old you are in this line of work, since some places require a certain age group to qualify as their choice of teachers.
Once you are familiar with the state's credential requirements, you can pursue the right degree or masters based on their criteria. The degrees that are usually taken up are those that deal with a bachelor's in Science or Arts or in a field that you decide to teach like History or Economics. The university or college has to be accredited and well-recognized.

Acquire a License

Once you complete your degree, you are then eligible to get a license through the licensing board, where you may also need to enroll in a student teacher program, besides the usual degree requirement.
Find out if your state requires you to complete this as well. The important part here is that you have to understand what the state expects out of you in terms of expertise and experience, before you get into teaching.

Tests to Finally Become a Teacher

Some teachers need to appear for a state test or other exam that is provided by them, in order to finally be able to become a teacher. Once you pass through all these levels, you'll be eligible and well qualified to finally become one.
The steps aren't all that complicated to complete especially if you have the drive and passion to get into the field of teaching. Just be sure to check out your state's needs when it comes to teachers, and follow their outline of requirements as you go along.