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Special Effects Makeup Artist Salary

Veethi Telang
Looking forward to working as a Special Effects Makeup Artist? Read on for the important information about this profile's basic requirements, the money it can fetch as a salary and the other important aspects.
That that clown? Isn't it difficult to make a clown appear scary, when otherwise clowns make you laugh? The gory witch wouldn't have looked that dreadful had there been no measured proportions of blood stains on her face? Oh, the trappings of the entertainment industry!
You could flip through endless articles shelling out step-by-step instructions on creating special effects with the help of make-up. But the truth is, you still have to do it yourself, and that ain't everybody's cup of tea. To create special effects is hard to learn - learning how to do special effects makeup doesn't replace the art of actually doing it.
So, do you see yourself as someone who can learn the knack of adding life to the gray areas of industrial specialization? If yes, you are going to go a long way. Let's unleash the mind-boggling pay scale of special effects makeup artists, that ensures you a unique lifestyle, and an opportunity to learn something new with every project you undertake.

Salary Range of Special Effects Makeup Artists

The job of makeup artists in this field is highly dependent on the weight of projects they're assigned, and the workplace they choose to serve in. Sectors such as motion pictures and video industries offer the highest salaries to makeup artists who excel in the fields of special effects.
With due consideration to the immensely vast field of art that special effects makeup is, the average annual salary of a special effects makeup veteran working with motion pictures and video industries is approximately $75,000 in the United States of America.
On the other hand, the ones serving in personal care services and other similar happenings earn on an average US$ 34,600 per year. The ones working with Performing Arts companies may earn on an average US$ 67,830 per year. Salaries of makeup veterans are highly driven by the relevant work experience they have, and the city they choose to serve in.
According to the 'Bureau of Labor Statistics', these are the states that pay the highest (on an average) for this job profile 'Special Effects Makeup Artists':
  • District of Columbia - US$ 98,130
  • Illinois - US$ 92,940
  • New York - US$ 77,980
  • California - US$ 74,170
  • Washington - US$ 66,200

Educational Requirements

From displaying interest in knowing the attractive salary package and job profile of makeup artists having excelled in special effects, you must have made up your mind on becoming one. Well, here are the minimum qualifications you're supposed to have, in order to think of shaping a career in the motion picture industry.
To start with, you could enroll for a graduation program in performing arts where you will understand the art of depicting emotions, and lay the foundation of putting them into good use.
Then, you will need to enroll in any of the reputable special effects makeup schools which specialize in cosmetology and makeup programs, to provide training specifically for special effects. After gaining certification, you can apply in studios and motion picture houses to kick-start your career as a makeup artist in the domain of special effects.
You don't become a veteran overnight! It takes years and years of practice, and most importantly, a creative aspect to become a veteran. The job of a special effects makeup artist is fun, lucrative, interesting, and why not? With experience and success; comes an opportunity to meet the most famous actors of Hollywood, Doesn't it?